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IFA+ Summit

IFA+ Summit 2017 – the idea factory

Presentations, workshops, panels – and a pulsating party!

It’s impossible to fit more inspiration into just two days! IFA+ Summit 2017 is crammed full of the ideas that are going to transform our world. Whether Interaction, Intelligence, Experience or Society – this is where the future of digitalization will play out. Get your ticket now, including six days at IFA!

Welcome to the next level of thinking: IFA+ Summit on 4 and 5 September 2017 is the IFA platform for pioneers, global trendsetters and creative visionaries. IFA’s top innovation conference in Hall 26b is dedicated to future technologies, connectivity and new business models – in English. IFA+ Summit 2017 will answer the questions faced by every professional today, from developers to creatives and strategists, from HR to training and management.

Your ticket to broader horizons

  • 2-day ticket for IFA+ Summit: EUR 599
  • 1-day ticket for IFA+ Summit: EUR 299

Your ticket includes entry to IFA as a trade visitor for the entire length of the trade show, together with an invitation to ALL YOU CAN MEET goes IFA on 4 September in the Marshall-Haus, the most important IFA get-together for the creative, music and start-up scenes.

Get hold of your VIP pass for innovative thinkers today from the IFA+ Summit Online Ticket Shop

Trade visitors who have already purchased an IFA Trade Visitor Ticket and have subsequently decided that they also want to attend IFA+ Summit can easily upgrade their ticket. Just send your ticket via email to: – we will cancel it free of charge. Once you have done so, you can book your IFA+ Summit Ticket for 4 and 5 September 2017, including a 6-day Trade Visitor Ticket for IFA from the IFA+ Summit Online Ticket Shop: > HERE

This year’s IFA+ Summit will focus on four key areas in which digitalization is redefining our lives: Intelligence, Interaction, Society and Experience. Leading thinkers and creators will present their visions on relevant future topics:

4 September 2017

  • Cluster #1: The Next Level of Intelligence
  • Cluster #2: The Next Level of Interaction

5 September 2017

  • Cluster #3: The Next Level of Society
  • Cluster #4: The Next Level of Experiences

You can find the latest information on IFA+ Summit: > HERE


Inspiration is on the agenda

Trendsetters, lateral thinkers and industry gurus – at IFA+ Summit 2017

The line-up is even stronger than at any of our previous conferences. IFA+ Summit 2017 presents a host of the most exciting approaches to the question, “How is digitalization changing our lives?” Whether Mobility, Connectivity, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality or the Digital City – here is where you will find the people who will shape the future.

Amber Case – Cyborg Anthropologist at Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Center, USA: How is technology influencing and changing us as people? How should it be designed so that it can help us?

Paul Chojecki – Scientist at the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, Berlin: As an expert on Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Chojecki conducts research into contactless, spatial and gestural interaction, which can be used, for example, to improve intensive medical care.

Clemens Conrad, CEO Europe at Vectorform, Germany: The company invests in digital products and experiences for companies and has the credo: Modern business leaders need to think digitally in order to drive innovation.

Kate Devlin – Senior Lecturer at Goldsmiths University of London, UK: Devlin’s work in the fields of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently focused on cognition, gender and sexuality.

Florian Dohmann – Data + AI Consultant/Artist at YPQ/Partner at katapult:NOW, Berlin: Based on the work of living artists, his AI project is able to produce similar images – a revolutionary artificial muse.

Paul Erickson – Senior Analyst Connected Home, IHS Markit: This analyst focuses on consumer electronics, pay and traditional TV, digital content and HD broadcasting, together with digital rights management and advanced user interface technologies.

Stefan Gotthardt – Ambassador of VW Digital:Lab: The lab works closely with universities and technology partners to develop IT solutions for Industry 4.0, Big Data, machine learning, AI, IoT and connectivity.

Paul Gray – Principal Analyst, Consumer Devices, IHS Markit: This renowned primary researcher’s work focuses on developing forecasts, product strategies and investment decisions for the global display market.

Avner Halperin – CEO at EarlySense, Israel: The technologies developed by EarlySense enable better evaluation of patient data. The goal: To save more lives.

Piers Harding-Rolls – Director, Games, IHS Markit: As head of Games Research at IHS, he tracks the entire evolution of the games sector – from board games to digital games.

Stephan Heimbecher – Director Innovations & Standards in Technology at Sky Deutschland: An expert in innovation and technology standards, Heimbecher’s work has focused on topics such as Ultra HD und 3D since 2011.

Martin Herdina – Chief Executive Officer at Wikitude, Austria: Martin Herdina developed a gaming payment system, fatfoogoo, before selling it successfully – today he is an Internet and telecommunication entrepreneur.

Arne Hintz – Senior Lecturer at Cardiff University, UK: Arne Hintz’s research connects communication policy, media activism, digital citizenship and technological change.

Dinesh Kithany – Principal Analyst, Home Appliances, IHS Markit: Dinesh Kithany is a principal analyst and heads IHS Markit’s Home Appliances Research division, providing insights into innovations within the consumer electronics sector.

Shari Langemak – Strategy & New Business Development at Philips, Germany: A physicist, journalist and strategist, Shari Langemak reports on the opportunities and risks of digitalization and medical innovation.

Michael Madary – Researcher at the Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz: Co-author of the first code of ethical conduct for virtual reality, Madary has published an extensive body of work in the field of philosophy of perception.

Yoky Matsuoka – Robotics guru and CTO at Nest, Cupertino, USA: Yoky Matsuoka transformed our understanding of how the central nervous system coordinates musculoskeletal action and of how robotic technology can enhance the mobility of people with manipulation disabilities.

Rod McLane – IoT, SaaS, PaaS Marketing Executive, Ayla Networks: Team leader with one of the world’s leading PaaS providers, McLane grew the "share of voice" department from 9 to 74 percent in just 18 months.

Carl Miller – Research Director at Demos, London, UK: How are social media transforming politics and society? And how can they be harnessed to influence processes and decisions?

Terrence Murphy – Global Director, Strategy & Business Development – Connected Home & New Vertical Markets, TE Connectivity – Appliances: Murphy provides new insights into connected homes and IoT for consumers.

Roeen Roashan – Senior Analyst, Healthcare Technology, IHS Markit: This senior analyst in the Healthcare Technology research team at IHS focuses on digital health, where he has developed an industry-leading intelligence service.

Fabrice Rousseau – General Manager for Alexa Skills and Voice Service in Europe, Amazon, Luxembourg: His thoughts focus on how technology is transforming our everyday lives.

Klaus Schroeder – Innovation Director at Design People Aarhus, Denmark: This award-winning innovation and design consultant is interested in developing customer-centric business processes, above all for female consumers.

Appu Shaji – Head of R&D at EyeEm, Berlin: Appu Shaji leads a team that curates the world of photography. He previously developed a computer vision system for understanding images.

André Sommer – Co-Founder/CTO at HiDoc, Health App start-up Berlin: HiDoc creates mobile applications that enable patients with chronic illnesses to take control of their health.

Raj Talluri – Senior Vice President, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., San Diego, USA: Raj Talluri is currently responsible for managing QTI’s IoT business. Previously at Texas Instruments, he started multiple new businesses in digital consumer electronics and wireless technologies.

Jörg Tewes – Chief Executive Officer at Avegant, USA: Jörg Tewes is responsible for development and marketing – including the impressive Light Field Technology, which makes it possible to display virtual objects realistically.

Thomas Wallner – CEO at Deep Inc., Toronto, Canada: This award-winning documentary filmmaker brought Alternate Reality Gaming into the mainstream and is interested in the creation of participative formats.

Erica Warp – Neuroscientist and VP Product at EMOTIV Inc., San Francisco, USA: Erica Warp is fascinated with unlocking the potentials of the brain’s interior life.

Tom Van de Wiele – Principal Security Consultant at F-Secure, Denmark: This information security specialist will provide insights into tactical and operative projects.

Find out more about the line-up at IFA+ Summit: > HERE


Digitalization is ubiquitous

Exciting workshops and podium discussions at IFA+ Summit

What will the world of work look like in the future – and how will it be organized? Digitalization affects our society far more than we previously imagined. The IFA+ Summit workshops highlight the most important aspects. Lively panel discussions explore the megatrends IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Open Data.

Four podium discussions on the key topics of IFA+ Summit

IoT – the Internet of Everything?
All technical devices can now be networked. But how safe does this make my dishwasher? Raj Talluri, Klaus Schroeder and Tom van de Wiele discover everything about the Internet of Things.

Who needs Humans in the Time of AI?
Global innovations in Artificial Intelligence will fundamentally change every aspect of our lives. Appu Shaji and Kate Devlin discuss AI’s march to victory.

VR – Real Life vs. Fantasy
How is Virtual Reality changing our lives? Thomas Wallner, Clemens Conrad, Paul Chojecki and Michael Madary discuss current and future developments in reality.

Data wide open?
The future is connected with Open Data. But what does this mean for businesses, consumers and politics? Arne Hintz from Cardiff University understands all the aspects of Open Data.

Eight workshops on the latest topics

Parallel to each panel discussion, two workshops are held, organized by IHS Markit and others.

Mistrust your Smart Devices
Frederick Kaltheuner and Millie Grahamwood of Privacy International have described the Internet of Things as the Internet of Shit. What happens to data as more and more defvices take over our apartments and lives? Who’s watching and listening? And: Can the law keep up with reality?

(Mis)Understanding Design Thinking
A workshop on collaboration with the International Design Center (IDZ): Henrik Rieß, Creative Director at User Interface Design GmbH, critically reflects on one of the biggest buzzwords in the creative scene. He explores the greatest misunderstandings and real-life usability for interaction designers and decision-makers.

The Next Level of Work
Stefan Gotthardt, Ambassador of VW Digital:Lab, presents solutions for the challenges of modern working environments. His focus is on the active mediation of agile working methods that help to master change processes.

Virtual Reality for Trainings
Martin Respondek and Usman Ghias, Deutsche Bahn, use VR glasses to take participants on board an ICE 4. They show how unique technical worlds and people can work together, and how technology enables completely new ways of training and instruction.

The workshops organized by IHS provide insights into the future of work: New technologies, data analysis and social networks influence communication, work and collaboration. What will work look like in the future for companies, workforces and HR?

IHS Markit Analyst Briefing Living a Smart and Seamless Life:
Beyond Connectivity

Dinesh Kithany, Senior Principal Analyst, Smart Home/Appliances at IHS Markit, discusses the latest data and findings. How do connective technologies spread against the backdrop of market drivers and obstacles? What follows connectivity? And is Artificial Intelligence (AI) the new business mantra?

IHS Markit Analyst Briefing UHD:
Beyond Resolution

Paul Gray, Principal Analyst, Consumer Devices at IHS Markit, discusses new developments in the TV industry. How are new technologies, such as High Dynamic Range or Deep Color, bringing new creativity into the living room? How can UHD marketing be re-adjusted in relation to the unique realism potential of television?

IHS Markit Analyst Briefing Immersive Computing:
Next Steps for Augmented Reality

Piers Harding-Rolls, Research Director at IHS Markit, provides insights into the current augmented reality market. What is the roadmap for technology and applications? Can augmented reality influence existing categories of consumer electronics, content and services? Will 5G and augmented reality advance hand in hand?

IHS Markit Analyst Briefing Digital Health:
Enablement of Consumer and Clinicians

Roeen Roashan, Senior Analyst, Healthcare Technology at IHS Markit, discusses new findings in the field of digital healthcare, ultrasound and X-ray applications. How does digitization help patients and physicians improve their medical outcomes? Which developments will advance personalized medicine??

For more information on panel discussions and workshops at the IFA+ Summit, please visit: > HERE

Get together


The spectacular get-together for all IFA+ Summit visitors

If you experience something interesting, you want to talk about it. This is why the IFA+ Summit visitors appreciate the most important networking event of Berlin’s creative scene. In the Marshall-Haus on 4 September, ALL YOU CAN MEET goes IFA is where visionaries meet investors, artists meet the public and gourmets meet pure delight.

ALL YOU CAN MEET goes IFA is an important get-together for the creative, music and start-up scenes. On Monday, 4 September 2017, you will be able to meet and get to know more than 500 like-minded people who are either intensively involved in digitalization or who are enthusiastic about music and cuisine.

This event is undoubtedly the most attractive opportunity at IFA for intensive networking in a relaxed atmosphere. Here, you will meet industry partners, like-minded people and trendsetters, with whom you can share your ideas in a comfortable ambience. For culinary enthusiasts, the evening’s food will be provided by one of the most renowned restaurants in Germany. Star chef Thomas Fischer from Brasserie DIE BANK in Hamburg has the honor.

Record Release!

The evening’s musical highlight is the presentation of the 10th edition of the “listen to berlin” compilation CD. For the past ten years, the Berlin Music Commission, the network of Berlin's music industry, has released a CD featuring the most exciting acts in Berlin’s music scene. It is also co-organizer of the evening. For the record release, a winning act will play an exclusive live concert at the Marshall-Haus. The IFA+ Summit website will soon reveal which act from the latest compilation is performing. A free "listen to berlin 2017/18" CD will be available for all guests at ALL YOU CAN MEET goes IFA. See:

The evening show is included in your IFA+ Summit ticket. We hope you are inspired, make many interesting contacts and enjoy the best entertainment! Information and ticket links to IFA+ Summit can be found: > HERE

Hosted Conferences

Hosted Conferences at IFA

Magnetic attraction for specialists in many fields

As the most important global trade show of its kind, IFA attracts a large number of other events. After all, many professionals use the opportunity to travel to Berlin. IFA itself is also keen on partnering with other interesting events. Take the chance to experience everything that will move you and your company ahead!


3 September 2017, 11 a.m. –4:30 p.m., Hall 26b
The eighth TEDxBerlin presents inspiring and progressive ideas. In just a few minutes, leading thinkers, creators and innovator present their ideas on science, technology, education, culture and society and challenge established perspectives – supported by high-end technology at IFA NEXT in Hall 26b. You’ll find tickets and more information: > HERE

UX Design Awards

1–6 September 2017, Hall 26a
The International Design Center Berlin (IDZ) highlights the importance of intuitive interfaces between man and technology with the presentation of the UX Design Awards at IFA. The aware recognizes the best intuitive products, services and visions from around the world. The works will be shown in Hall 26c from 1 to 6 September, the award ceremony will be held on 2 September – in Hall 26a. Tickets and more information: > HERE

GfK Technical Innovation Conference

31 August 2017, 1 p.m. –3 p.m., Marshall-Haus
Digital transformation promises exponential growth for disruptive innovations. Mobile, digitally networked and accessible at all times – what are the trends and business models of the future? The 5th GfK Technical Innovation Conference in the Marshall-Haus provides relevant insights. Organized as a knowledge fair, you can speak directly with the experts at GfK. More information: > HERE

ICCE Berlin

3–6 September 2017, Hall 7.3, Saal Berlin
The seventh IEEE International Conference for Entertainment Electronics – Berlin (ICCE Berlin) - provides an excellent forum for researchers, systems developers and service providers to share their ideas, designs and experiences and to promote developments in the field of entertainment electronics. Researchers and engineers exchange information and the results of new work on systems, circuits, technologies, processes and applications. Tickets and more information: > HERE

droidcon Berlin 2017

3 – 5 September 2017, CityCube Berlin, Hall A
For the first time, droidcon’s flagship conference is taking place under the IFA umbrella. More than 1,000 Android developers, designers and enthusiasts are expected. Visitors can look forward to three days of highly relevant talks on four stages, an exhibition area and networking lounges. droidcon offers the best opportunities for networking with leading engineers from international teams. The community-oriented approach creates a unique atmosphere in which fun and lightness are more important than standing tables or exhibition stands. Tickets and more information: > HERE

GeoIT Navigation Talks

6 September 2017, 10:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., CityCube Berlin
Spatial orientation and mobile navigation are key technologies of the 21st century. Geodata enables autonomous driving, dynamic routing and precise locational positioning, even within buildings. At GeoIT Navigation Talks, representatives of leading technology companies present the latest developments, application scenarios and future added value. GeoIT Navigation Talks will be held in cooperation with droidcon Berlin. Holders of IFA trade visitor tickets have free entry. Information and registration: > HERE.

Telematics Award 2017

3 September 2017, 2:00 p.m., Marshall-Haus
The Telematics Award 2017 honors outstanding developments and solutions in human telematics – and awards them with prizes totaling some EUR 20,000. Choose from solutions for Smart Homes, eHealth and telemedicine, ideas for securing and tracking of goods or persons, as well as systems for car fleets and private cars. Peter Klischewsky, chief editor of the media group,, will guide you through the program. More information and free tickets for the awards ceremony: > HERE

Smart Ideas

Smart ideas for clever people

The latest gfu trends & insights for IFA 2017

Digitalization delivers completely new dimensions of comfort for consumer electronics and home appliances. Far higher levels of energy efficiency are now also a must. In the run up to IFA, gfu Consumer & Home Electronics GmbH, a leading industry association, provides information on the latest innovation trends in both fields.

gfu’s consumer and electronics trends 2017

TV: Better picture quality, smart connections, ultra-flat monitors and more intuitive user interfaces increase TV enjoyment. Ultra HD and HDR achieve unrivaled contrast quality.
Sound: Soundbars and soundbases support TV enjoyment. Wireless speakers and headphones connect with every system. HiRes Audio provides unprecedented sound quality.
Virtual Reality: Football broadcasts or documentaries with 360-degree perspectives make hardware, such as 360-degree cameras, auxiliary lenses for smartphones and VR glasses with top-resolution, more popular than ever before.
Voice control: Whether Alexa, Cortana or Siri – the trend has long broken out of the classical IT world. Bots and digital agents can learn and control climate systems in Smart Homes.
Health: Networked sensors on smart textiles can monitor your fitness. Personal scales log measurement results via Bluetooth. Networked fever thermometers and toothbrushes help keep track of your family’s health.
Printers: With the latest generation of 3D printers and spatial scanners, any document can be digitized and printed.

More information: > HERE

gfu’s home appliance trends for 2017

White goods: Modern design, fresh colors and comfortable operation via gesture or voice control, combined with integrated cameras, are this year’s major trends. Sensors record personal habits – apps make customized improvements, including energy saving.
Large electrical appliances: Washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators and freezers, ovens, cookers and the latest generation of condensers, can all be networked to exploit new digital possibilities that make these devices more comfortable than ever before. Innovative technologies optimize each of these systems, adding incredible levels of detail and sustainability.
Small electric appliances: The variety of small appliances is constantly growing. New technologies are influencing the entire spectrum: from food and beverage preparation, personal care and housecleaning to climate control. Smart technology is networking more and more systems.
Health: Smartwatches, fitness bracelets and sensory smartphones combine with smart textiles, which monitor movement and vital functions – ideal for leisure and sports, but also for medical rehabilitation. The innovations of the year also include networked scales, fever thermometers and toothbrushes.

More information: > HERE


Europe’s biggest supply chain

3–6 September 2017: IFA Global Markets at STATION-Berlin

Big deal for manufacturers, importers, distributors, buyers – and about 600 exhibitors: IFA Global Markets from 3 to 6 September 2017 is the most important sourcing platform for technical consumer electronics and digital products in the field of consumer electronics and home appliances. Trade visitors get in for free – so let’s get going!

Welcome to the B2B sourcing platform of superlatives! IFA Global Markets is a one-of-a-kind opportunity in Europe for trade visitors and industry professionals in XXL format. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs), suppliers and manufacturers of electrical components, as well as previously undiscovered brands, will be showcasing their products across approximately 20,000 sqm of exhibition space at a central location in STATION-Berlin.

Trade show with 600 exhibitors and a host of extras

  • IFA Business Days with Business Sessions and Matchmaking Meetings
  • IFA Global Markets Expert Talks
  • ISP @ IFA Global Markets – the International Suppliers’ Park
  • Guided tours for trade visitors, organized by topic
  • Free meeting rooms for trade visitors
  • Free business lunch
  • Free WiFi
  • Free shuttle service

Europe's most comprehensive sourcing event takes place parallel to IFA – running for a shorter duration of four days. As a trade visitor, you have free admission to this professional exhibition in central Berlin. In STATION-Berlin at Gleisdreieck, just 30 minutes from the main exhibition grounds, trade visitors will find companies from the entire consumer electronics and home appliance supply chain, including previously undiscovered brands, ready to make the leap onto the international stage.

You can find the latest information on IFA Global Markets: > HERE


Where successful contacts are made

IFA Business Days at IFA Global Markets in STATION-Berlin

At IFA Business Days at IFA Global Markets from 3 to 6 September 2017, professionals will have the opportunity to meet new international partners and find out about sourcing-relevant topics. All events are open to exhibitors and trade visitors. Participation is free of charge – registration is required.

IFA and the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) are excited to invite professionals from the consumer electronics and home appliances industry to IFA Business Days for the first time! The main focus of this series of events is the new IFA format: IFA Global Markets – and the international interaction between suppliers, component manufacturers, OEM / ODM producers as well as distributors and planners from industry and trade in XXL format. IFA Business Days features a program of business sessions and matchmaking meetings. EEN has integrated its regional, national and international networks so that you can make and develop valuable business contacts at a whole host of events.

Perfectly planned matchmaking meetings

Looking to cooperate with other businesses? Then this is where you will find exactly the partners you are looking for. Matchmaking meetings, organized in advance, provide an opportunity to meet your future partners. In the months leading up to IFA you can see who is attending and who you should invite to a meeting from among the participants registered on the IFA Business Days website. Just before the start of the trade show, you will receive a schedule with your suggested meetings, with all appointments already confirmed by your potential partners.

Hugely informative business sessions

Talks and workshops on various topics relating to foreign business are an integral part of the program. On September 5, for example, a workshop on “International protection of intellectual property” is taking place at 10:30 a.m. Taking China as an example, Chinese IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) Helpdesk speakers will be providing information on the essential mechanisms and features that must be observed in order to protect products, processes and technological developments adequately. Further topics for these business sessions in IFA Global Markets will be available on the IFA website very soon.

Free entry – registration required

You will find the IFA Business Days in STATION-Berlin, Hall 8 / Stand 131. Participation in the program is free. An IFA Global Markets Ticket is required. For the matchmaking session, registration with IFA Business Days is also required by 25 August 2017. You’ll find the registration form and other information: > HERE


A program for professionals

Supporting program of events especially for IFA Global Markets visitors

Global trade raises many questions about procurement and distribution. IFA Global Markets provides all of the answers, precisely and personally. Simply find the supporting program that will take you further and deepen your knowledge. It doesn’t cost a cent – but what you gain is priceless!

IFA Global Markets Expert Talks

What requirements should I consider when buying? How do I organize an efficient procurement chain? What are the advantages of digitalization? At IFA Global Markets Expert Talks – Opportunities in Sourcing, professionals provide clear answers based on professional best practice. Behind Hall 5 of STATION-Berlin, in the Symposium room, you’ll be able to take advantage of experts in-depth knowledge, in English. A selection of speakers:

Tobias Redlin – Managing Director of iGo3D, Europe’s largest retailer of 3D-desktop printers and accessories
Rebecca Fuchs – Head of Retail Sales at Nimans, a British retailer with sales of GBP 80 million
Mike Lange – Managing Director of Z-Wave Europe GmbH, a leading retailer of wireless control systems for the networked home

VDE at IFA Global Markets

With its subsidiary VDE Global Services GmbH, the Association of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Information Technology invites you to deepen your understanding of testing and certification of electrical and electronic devices, components and systems – at IFA Global Markets in STATION-Berlin, Hall 1. VDE is one of the largest technical-scientific associations in Europe – an international platform of scientific, standardization and product testing experts, with 36,000 members, including 1,300 companies, and 1,200 employees. Cooperative agreements in over 50 countries ensure that VDE test results and inspections are internationally recognized.

ISP @ IFA Global Markets

The Global Fairs exhibition, a tried and tested format at IFA for years under the name Reseller Park, is the counterpart to IFA Global Markets. ISP @ IFA Global Markets International Suppliers Park is the networking meeting place for decision-makers, resellers, distributors, retail buyers, OEMs and traders to negotiate in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. ISP @ IFA Global Markets can be found at STATION-Berlin, Hall 7.2.

You’ll find all the latest information about IFA Global Markets: > HERE

IFA Keynote on sourcing

Your key interest is in sourcing? Then you can not afford to miss the IFA Keynote on this topic, which will be a real highlight on Saturday, 2 September, one day before the start of IFA Global Markets! Take advantage of the opportunity to experience an international corporate leader at IFA Keynotes at ExpoCenter City: At 10:30 am, Terry Gou, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Hon Hai / Foxconn Group, will be speaking about his experiences as a global electronics supplier in Hall 26 at IFA. To see him speak, all you need is an IFA trade visitor ticket. You’ll find more information about IFA Keynotes: > HERE


Lots of extras included

Take advantage of a wide range of benefits

Guided tours for trade visitors, business lunches, meeting rooms and a shuttle service: As a trade visitor at IFA Global Markets, you benefit from a variety of attractive extra services. We want this to be not only a success for you, but also to make it convenient. Welcome to Berlin!

Guided tours for trade visitors at IFA Global Markets

You can take part in guided tours for trade visitors, tailored to the special concept of IFA Global Markets, every day from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. On 3 and 5 September, the focus is on in-demand solutions & technologies such as VR, Wearables and Smart Home. On 4 and 6 September, discussions turns to classic CE / HA products and components such as TV, audio, mobile and small kitchen appliances. Free guided tours will be held in English. Headsets are available to make sure you understand everything. You can register: > HERE.

Business Lunch – you’re invited!

Registered trade visitors to IFA or IFA Global Markets are cordially invited to a business lunch at STATION-Berlin. You can redeem your voucher from 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. If you do not have a voucher yet, you can pick it up at one of the IFA Global Markets info counters. Simply identify yourself as an IFA trade visitor or IFA Global Markets trade visitor. Our hostesses will be happy to supply you with your voucher.

Free meeting rooms – don’t forget to register!

For your business negotiations, you may need a meeting room in which you and your business partners can talk in peace. IFA Global Markets offers trade visitors the opportunity to use free meeting rooms. As availability at STATION-Berlin is limited, we strongly recommend that you register and book in advance by sending an email to:

Free shuttle services

For your added convenience, we are happy to provide a full shuttle service between the various IFA venues. There are stops outside the Berlin ExpoCenter City grounds at Messe Süd (every 20 minutes) and in front of Hall 17, parking lot P3 (every 10 minutes). On the exhibition grounds, the shuttle stops between Halls 5.2 / 6.2, in front of the Marshall Haus (every 10 minutes). Or you can take the subway: A free bicycle taxi will conveniently transport trade visitors between IFA’s Messe Nord entrance to Theodor-Heuss-Platz subway station – from where the U2 subway line reaches Gleisdreieck station in just 20 minutes.

And it’s the same route from STATION-Berlin to the Berlin ExpoCenter City. Please note that an IFA ticket is required for access to IFA. If you have an IFA trade visitor ticket, you can easily commute between the venues. For your ticket to retain its validity, simply have it scanned every time you leave the grounds. You’ll find the IFA site map and details of the shuttle connections: > HERE

Edge of Innovation

IFA NEXT – The Edge of Innovation

IFA’s new, global stage for innovation in Hall 26

IFA NEXT brings together what belongs together: global know-how for the future of technology, business and lifestyle. On this unique stage for innovation, start-ups, companies, institutions, organizations and the IFA+ Summit will present their ideas for tomorrow and beyond – for the first time under one roof.

IFA NEXT in Hall 26 links research and development institutions, the world’s leading innovators and many young companies with professionals from a wide range of industries. The focus is on fresh ideas, discussions about the technologies of the future and, of course, new business contacts. As a global innovation hub, IFA NEXT offers products, solutions, conferences, presentations, keynotes and discussion forums:

IFA+ Summit: Creative visionaries, high-ranking industry representatives and leading scientists design scenarios for networked life at IFA's global innovation conference

IFA NEXT Showcase: Research and development institutions, start-ups, innovative companies and leading innovators present products and solutions for tomorrow's markets

IFA NEXT Startup Days: Six start-up-themed days, filled with presentations, panel discussions and pitches

IFA NEXT Innovation Engine: Exciting expert presentations, top-level panel discussions and informative debates

IFA Business Days: Business sessions, matchmaking meetings and guided tours of IFA NEXT and IFA Global Markets

IFA Keynotes: Talks and presentations by prominent decision-makers from leading companies

Hosted Conferences & Awards – IFA conferences organized by partner organizations on specific topics concerning technological and market developments in consumer electronics and household appliances.

So, take the direct path into the digital future! Let IFA NEXT in Hall 26 inspire you with new perspectives, visionary ideas and market-ready solutions! Find out more about IFA NEXT: > HERE

Conventions & Conferences

IFA at its very best

IFA conventions & conferences – our think-tanks for professionals

IFA is much more than just a trade show. It is also an indispensable trend barometer and a global knowledge exchange. Whether at our IFA+ Summit conference, from leading speakers at IFA Keynotes or from contacts at IFA Business Days: Professionals at IFA NEXT can experience live what will make the future of their business a success.

IFA+ Summit: PLUG-INspiration

The IFA+ Summit is the platform for thought leaders, global trendsetters and creative visionaries. The top conference in the IFA Convention Area in Hall 26b will focus on future technologies, new forms of networking and innovative business models on 4 and 5 September 2017. The conference language is English.

The first day focuses on business models for mobility and connectivity, complemented by panels and workshops on “IoT / The Internet of Everything?” In the context of the metatopic Artificial Intelligence, the IFA+ Summit will examine how technology is changing our lives. Panels and workshops on the topic “Who needs people in the time of AI?” round off the first day.

On the second day, the initial question is whether virtual, augmented & mixed reality are changing our consciousness. Panels and workshops on “VR / The Future of 360° video” accompany the program. Where is a society that is totally networked, from online learning via social networks to telemedicine, heading? The conference provides answers as well as panels and workshops on “How to use Open Data in the Future?”

Participants can look forward to the big IFA networking event ALL YOU CAN MEET goes IFA, the meeting place for the creative, music and start-up scene, on Monday, 4 September, at the Marshallhaus. Information and tickets for the IFA + Summit can be found at:

IFA Keynotes: A stage for international CEOs

In 2017, leading figures will once again share their visions of the future of people, technology and society – at IFA Keynotes, which is free of charge for all IFA trade visitors.

The opening keynote at 10.30am on September 1 will be made by Pieter Nota, CEO Personal Health Businesses and CMO Royal Philips. We are excited to hear his ideas and strategic visions for the future of his business and our society.

Later on September 1 there will be another keynote about important innovation topics, including Peter Han, Vice President, Partner Devices and Solutions, Microsoft Corporation. In “Building the Possible", he will show how Microsoft hopes to inspire customers with new Windows devices, gaming devices, mixed reality headsets and services.

And one more highlight on September 1. The third Keynote on this day will be held by James Park, CEO, President & Co-Founder, Fitbit.

On September 2 Terry Gou, Founder and Chairman of the Hon Hai/Foxconn Group will inform us about his experience as a worldwide electronics supplier as well as the brand management of an outstanding global brand. Foxconn is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electronics and computer accessories.

Chengdong (Richard) Yu, CEO of the Huawei Consumer Business Group, will present his strategic visions as CEO of the world’s third-largest smartphone producer on September 2. Formerly only known by insiders, Huawei evolved from a network supplier into a top-3 smartphone brand with Yu’s products and is now active in over 170 countries.

Look forward to high-profile guests – live at IFA in Berlin! Find out more about IFA Keynotes: > HERE

IFA Business Days: wertvolles Know-how

Messe Berlin and the Enterprise Europe Network Berlin-Brandenburg invite you to IFA Business Days from 1 to 6 September 2017. Explore opportunities, find new international partners and experience trends and innovations. All events are open to exhibitors and trade visitors. Participation is free of charge – registration is required.

Meetings organized in advance provide an opportunity for contact with future partners. Even before the start of IFA, you will see who is of interest to you and should be invited to a meeting from among the participants listed in the trade show catalog. Shortly before the start of the trade show, you will receive a schedule with the suggested and confirmed dates.

In a series of informative events, you will learn all about key topics, ranging from international intellectual property law to promotion and funding for projects, such as the EU Framework Program, Horizon 2020. Pitches from international clusters, companies and research facilities are also part of the program. Take the opportunity to share experiences!

Gain an overview of IFA's topics and segments, get to know important exhibitors and build networks: In cooperation with the Enterprise Europe Network, IFA offers guided tours to selected exhibitors in IFA NEXT. Robotics, Smart Living and VR / AR are this year’s key topics. Find more information about IFA Business Days: > HERE


Inspiration included

IFA NEXT Showcase – the whole future at a glance

IFA NEXT Showcase, previously known as TecWatch, is IFA’s exhibition for future-oriented ideas and concepts. Institutions, companies and innovators will present their solutions for tomorrow's markets in Hall 26a, including voice platforms such as IBM Watson and Amazon Alexa, start-ups such as La FRENCH TECH and innovative companies such as UBTECH Robotics.

Smart Living conquers the markets

Speech recognition and artificial intelligence in the networked house promise unique home comfort. Systems like Amazon alexa and IBM Watson are prominent examples. Eco-systems and platforms such as Mozaiq and Conrad Connect ensure that devices understand each other. Innovators like digitalSTROM are developing exciting applications. At IFA NEXT Showcase, you will get to know them all!

Robots are the new service providers

Autonomous machines and humanoid robots from UBTECH Robotics, AMY Robotics, Abilix and others are taking on more and more service functions. They communicate, respond to their environment, provide information or help with simple tasks. Makeblock robot kits enhance the understanding of future technology and help develop programming skills – all at IFA NEXT Showcase!

Virtual and augmented reality

Immersive virtual environments are another focus of IFA NEXT Showcase. Virtual Reality is taking over media and games production. Real characters can be replicated in virtual environments. Augmented reality combines the real world with technical enhancements – mostly in the form of information overlays. Experience it yourself!

These exhibitors are on board

1Control, 7Next, Airgloss, Allterco Robotics EOOD, Altyor / nodOn, Amadas, Amy Robotics, Amazon Alexa, Bagel Labs, binee, Business France / La FRENCH TECH, Cambridge Sensor Innovation, China Electronics International Exhibition & Advertising, Conrad Connect, digitalSTROM, DTVP, E-Wenco, eesy-innovation, eTherapists, Glance Tech, Hardware Club, Homido, Hong Kong Trade Developement Council, IBM, In-Trust Technology, Innomdle Laboratory, Innovartis GmbH/Selfiano, Institute for Information Industry, Kino-mo, LIX PEN, Makeblock, Marbotic, Matrix 3D Concept, Mevics, mozaiq operations, Olive & Dove, Panospace USA, Plaza ZVEH-ZVEI-VDE, Power Republic, Qihan Sanbor Robot, QuietOn, Shanghai PartnerX Robotics / Abilix, SOSV, Suzhou Jiuhua Network Technology/iGulu, Swiss Audio, Teema, TUBS, TU Berlin ScienceMarketing, UBTECH Robotics, Vayyar Imaging, VDE Prüf- und Zertifizierungsinstitut, Xenoma, ZVEH E-Haus, ZVEI

Find out more about IFA NEXT Showcase: > HERE

Startup Days

Which ideas will make the grade?

IFA NEXT Startup Days – fresh impetus from rookies

Check out IFA NEXT Startup Days! Twenty young founders will showcase their solutions on six topics in Hall 26a. Each afternoon, they will be presenting their ideas to journalists, experts, decision-makers from industry and trade, and investors at IFA NEXT Innovation Engine. Experience live how the future is being shaped!

Bundesverband Deutsche Startups e.V. is the official partner and organizer of IFA Startup Days from Friday, 1 September to Wednesday, 6 September. This year, 20 young founders from different fields will exhibit at IFA NEXT in Hall 26 on each of the six theme days. The startups will also debate one relevant issue every afternoon in the IFA NEXT Innovation Engine. Here, startups will pitch to IFA visitors, journalists, experts, decision-makers from trade and industry, and to potential investors.

IFA NEXT Startup Days 2017 Focus Topics:

  • 1.9. IoT / Wearables / Fitness & Activity
  • 2.9. Smart Home
  • 3.9. Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
  • 4.9. Digital Health
  • 5.9. Accelerator Day
  • 6.9. Future Mobility / Use of time

We promise you innovations with a high level of entertainment! Find out more about IFA NEXT Startup Days in Hall 26: > HERE

Virtual Reality

Pitches, professionals, points of view

IFA NEXT Innovation Engine – sparking inspiration

How is artificial intelligence changing daily life? How well established is Virtual Reality? The IFA NEXT Innovation Engine brings relevant future topics to the open stage in the center of Hall 26a. Experience specialist lectures, panel discussions, pitches and debates featuring prominent figures from industry and politics.

IFA TecWatch Forum is now the IFA NEXT Innovation Engine in 2017! As in the past, this event will enable visitors to experience key, future trends – but now on a central, open stage in the middle of IFA NEXT in Hall 26a.

The contributions are grouped into exciting topics. The program features technical background information and pointed opinions, and attracts not only experts and the media, but also many other trade fair visitors.

IFA NEXT Innovation Engine’s Focus Topics:

  • 1.9. IoT / Wearables / Fitness & Activity
  • 2.9. Smart Home
  • 3.9. Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
  • 4.9. Digital Health
  • 5.9. Accelerator Day
  • 6.9. Future Mobility / Use of time

Find out more about the IFA NEXT Innovation Engine: > HERE

Highlight for Pros – the IFA Business Days

Highlight for Pros – the IFA Business Days

How to turn trade fair contacts into successful business

Matchmaking-Meetings, Business-Sessions and three IFA Business Tours on three days: The IFA Business Days will celebrate their premiere in 2017! Within the framework of IFA NEXT in Hall 26 and at the IFA Global Markets in STATION-Berlin, exhibitors and trade visitors have many opportunities to make valuable business contacts and get important background information.

Good news for exhibitors and trade visitors: In 2017, for the very first time, IFA organizes the IFA Business Days in cooperation with Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), a network which promotes international business development. Within the framework of this tried and tested format which the EEN has incorporated into its regional, national and international network, you can establish and develop business contacts at numerous events. The IFA Business Days 2017 will take place within the two new IFA platforms, IFA Next and IFA Global Markets.

The IFA Business Days within the Framework of IFA NEXT

The key areas of the IFA Business Days are research, technological development and cross-industry collaboration. Three IFA Business Tours will take place on three days with a focus on Robotics, Smart Living and VR/AR. Each tour will include a visit with 5-6 exhibitors who will present their products and research findings.

At two-hour informational events participants will receive useful information about relevant subjects. The IFA Business Days start at 10.30am on September 1 with an exciting overview of smart industry funding opportunities in the current EU research and innovation program, “Horizont 2020”. Experts from the Enterprise Europe Network present an overview of the latest work programs as well as approaches for participation in these programs, with a particular focus on small and mid-sized companies.

At Matchmaking Meetings exhibitors and trade visitors have the opportunity to meet potential business partners. The process starts when you find participants on the IFA Business Days Website with whom you would like to meet. Then you can send them meeting invitations and shortly before the IFA starts, you will receive a schedule with confirmed meeting times.

On September 3 the Talent Search takes center stage. Throughout the day innovative companies, start-ups and institutes have the opportunity to recruit new young talent. Job-seekers receive useful information about job offers and career prospects.

IFA Business Days at IFA Global Markets

From September 3 – 6 in the STATION-Berlin the focus will be on the international market and the interaction of suppliers, component manufacturers and OEM/ODM producers. Optimal business partners can be found via Matchmaking Meetings.

Business Sessions with lectures and workshops about a variety of international business topics complete the offering. At 10.30am on September 5 the program features a workshop called “Protecting intellectual property at the international level”. Speakers from the Chinese IPR Helpdesk (Intellectual Property Rights Helpdesk) use China as an example to provide information about the fundamental mechanisms and characteristics which should be followed in order to adequately protect products, processes and technological developments.

Participation is free

Within the framework of IFA NEXT, the only requirement for participation in IFA Business Days events is an IFA Trade Visitor ticket which is also valid for IFA Global Markets. In order to participate in activities at IFA Global Markets, the free IFA Global Markets ticket is sufficient. Registration with IFA Business Days is required in order to participate in the Matchmaking Meetings or to take an IFA Business Tour. You can find IFA Business Days at IFA NEXT in Hall 26a/Stand 222b or at IFA Global Markets in STATION-Berlin in Hall 8/Stand 131, as well as online: > HERE

Beyond the IFA Business Days:
IFA Global Markets Expert Talks

The IFA Global Markets Expert Talks sourcing conference will also take place within the framework of IFA Global Markets. In free sessions which take place twice daily, experienced buyers and procurement managers provide the necessary insight for purchasing requisitions, new opportunities and challenges to buyers, manufacturers and the press. The moderator of the informative panel will be industry-veteran Bob Snyder, Editor-in-Chief of Channel Media Europe; the panel will take place September 3 – 5 at 10.30am and 3.30pm as well as at 11am on September 6. Buyers who wish to participate should contact:

Getting to the Point

Getting to the Point

An efficient & effective way to visit the IFA – with an IFA Trade Visitor Tour

Registration starts July 20: Reserve yourself a space in our popular trade visitor tours through IFA or IFA Global Markets. The short guided tours take you to highlights from specific thematic areas and afford an opportunity for direct discussions with exhibitors about the latest trends and products.

Well-rounded – and enormously popular among trade visitors: Once again in 2017 there will be trade visitor tours focused on the latest trends in consumer electronics and home appliances. Each day ten tours will deliver insight into innovative products and solutions. Starting July 20 a registration tool will be available online for you to reserve your place: > HERE

The Topics of the IFA Trade Visitor Tours in 2017

  • TV: Next Steps in Content & Technology
  • Connected Kitchen
  • Healthcare, Fitness & Activity
  • Automotive
  • Start-ups@IFA
  • Smart Mobile & Handhelds
  • Smart Living, Comfort & Lifestyle
  • Virtual Reality, Drones, 360° & 3D-Imaging
  • Wireless Speaker & Headphones
  • Artificial Intelligence & Robotics

In addition, on September 3 and 5 trade visitor tours from IFA Global Markets in STATION-Berlin will offer insight into Demand Solutions & Technologies – i.e. Drones, VR, Wearables, Smart Homes, etc. And on September 4 and 6 manufacturers will present classic CE/HA products and components.

An IFA Trade Visitor ticket is the only requirement to take an IFA Trade Visitor Tour – at IFA Global Markets, an IFA Global Market Ticket suffices. You can find the latest information about exhibitors, slots and where the tours start online: > HERE

IFA Keynotes with Top-Class Speakers

IFA Keynotes with Top-Class Speakers

Personal visions of outstanding international business leaders

The IFA Keynotes are one of our most popular events. In 2017, for the first time ever, they will take place within the framework of IFA NEXT, our new innovation area in Hall 26b. Extraordinary personalities report on their technological visions. As a trade visitor, take advantage of this opportunity to experience selected global business leaders – live!

In 2017 extraordinary personalities will once again share their ideas about the future of humanity, technology and society – at the IFA Keynotes in Hall 26b. Participation is free for all IFA Trade visitors.

The opening keynote at 10.30am on September 1 will be made by Pieter Nota, CEO Personal Health Businesses and CMO Royal Philips. We are excited to hear his ideas and strategic visions for the future of his business and our society.

Later on September 1 there will be another keynote about important innovation topics, including Peter Han, Vice President, Partner Devices and Solutions, Microsoft Corporation. In “Building the Possible", he will show how Microsoft hopes to inspire customers with new Windows devices, gaming devices, mixed reality headsets and services.

And one more highlight on September 1. The third Keynote on this day will be held by James Park, CEO, President & Co-Founder, Fitbit.

Chengdong (Richard) Yu, CEO of the Huawei Consumer Business Group, will present his strategic visions as CEO of the world’s third-largest smartphone producer on September 2. Formerly only known by insiders, Huawei evolved from a network supplier into a top-3 smartphone brand with Yu’s products and is now active in over 170 countries.

Look forward to the forefront of the leading global brands – live at the IFA in Berlin! You can find additional information about the IFA Keynotes:> HERE

Matchmaking Tool with lots of Extras

Matchmaking Tool with lots of Extras

IFA Virtual Market Place – open 24/7

The IFA Virtual Market Place is the perfect tool for IFA preparation and follow-up: Exhibitors and products can be seen at a glance. Practical research tools deliver information about technology trends and product innovations. In addition, you can set up meetings – and this year, for the very first time, with the Matchmaking function.

What takes place live during a few of the IFA Business Days works like a charm seven days a week, all year round at the IFA Market Place: custom-made matchmaking!

At trade visitors can search for IFA exhibitors, get information about offers and set up meeting times. As a trade visitor, you now have the opportunity to present your offers or requests in the IFA Virtual Market Place. This will greatly increase your chances of finding the right partner at the IFA – a classic win-win situation.

With the free IFA App for iOS and Android you can optimize your visit, as the app keeps all users up to date. The IFA App displays exhibitors with their hall and stand number as well as product groups and your own list of personal favorites. Especially useful: the IFA Map of the Exhibition Grounds and the interactive Hall Map. The IFA App will soon be available in the Apple App Store and at Google Play. For direct access to the IFA Virtual Market Place: > HERE



IFA+ Summit 2017 in Hall 26B – the summit of visionaries

The IFA+ Summit presents clever minds and future-oriented projects. In 2017, our top conference is taking place for the first time at IFA NEXT in Hall 26B. According to the motto PLUG-INspiration, the focus is on the technological future, new forms of cooperation and innovative business models. Early bookers can benefit from enormous savings!

The IFA+ Summit covers the entire spectrum of digital opportunities and challenges that are set to arise in the coming years. The first-class conference in English opens new perspectives, but also offers many opportunities to meet eminent scientists, artists, developers and researchers.

This year, the IFA+ Summit will explore four key areas in which digitalization is redefining our daily lives: Intelligence, Interaction, Society and Experiences. Leading thinkers and creators will present their visions on relevant future topics as part of the new innovation platform IFA NEXT in Hall 26B.

Is IoT the Internet for everything? Can we organize our brain via computer? Will we still need human beings in an age of artificial intelligence? What can we learn from machines? How will 360˚ perspectives change the film and game industries? And what does this all mean for our democracy? The topics of the FA+ Summit are as electrifying as the international speakers.

Get your VIP Pass to the international creative scene: With pre-sales, you can save up to EUR 100 on the two-day ticket! For the very first time, we also have a one-day ticket in 2017. Admission to IFA as a trade visitor, as well as an invitation to ALL YOU CAN MEET in the Marshallhaus, the most important IFA get-together for the creative, music and start-up scenes are all included. Take the opportunity to expand your horizons – Welcome to the next level of thinking!



IFA’s newest top hits

IFA Innovations Media Briefing – on July 11/12 in the bcc at Alexanderplatz

More than 320 journalists and nearly 30 exhibiting companies with their latest products will come together as the IFA Innovations Media Briefing (IMB) presents the most spectacular best-sellers of the coming business year in the run-up to IFA. gfu Insights & Trends and the gfu Media Night add to the event.

Media professionals already want to know which innovations will be showcased at IFA 2017. You will find out at the IFA Innovations Media Briefing on July 11/12 in the bbc at Alexanderplatz in Berlin. In 20-minute presentations, well-known brands will present their latest ideas, products and solutions. With individual talks, interviews and product presentations, IFA supports the media in its pre-IFA coverage on the largest trade fair for consumer electronics and home appliances – the world’s number one market place.

The IMB is supported by gfu Insights & Trends, the popular series of discussions presented by IFA’s organizer, gfu consumer & home electronics forum, with experts from industry and market research. As every year, the gfu Media Night on July 11 will be a special highlight.

These brands are taking part (in alphabetical order): Aquarius (Carrera), AVM, BEURER, Robert Bosch Hausgeräte, Electrolux Hausgeräte, Cuciniale, Grundig Intermedia, Hisense Germany, JURA Elektrogeräte, Alfred Kärcher, LG ELECTRONICS Deutschland, Loewe Technologies, Miele & Cie., Panasonic Germany, Philips Market DACH, Philips Lighting, ReSound GN, Samsung Deutschland, Groupe SEB Deutschland, SEG Hausgeräte, Sony Deutschland, TechniSat Digital, TP Vision Deutschland and WMF Group.

In 2016, numerous trade and consumer media publications used the opportunity to obtain advance information, including (alphabetically): ARD Digital, Bild, CE&TRADE, CHIP, COMPUTER BILD, dpa, elektrobörse handel, Elektromarkt, FAZ,,, H.O.M.E., Küchenhandel, NDR, n-tv, PC-Welt, Pure Magazin, rbb Inforadio, RWE Magazin, Smart Homes, Stiftung Warentest,, Trend & Style, WDR, Welt N24, Wohn!Design, ZDF and Zu Hause Wohnen.

More information about IMB 2017 is available: > HERE (German)

Union Berlin

Can Union Berlin beat Queens Park Rangers?

July 22, 2017: Season opener in the ‘An der Alten Försterei’ stadium

IFA, as the official partner of 1. FC Union Berlin e.V., is proud to present a top-drawer international friendly: Union Berlin will meet one of England’s most traditional clubs, Queens Park Rangers, on Saturday, July 22, 2017. Kick-off is at 3.30 pm in the ‘An der Alten Försterei’ stadium. Tickets are on sale now.

As in previous years, IFA is proud to present the Eisernen’s pre-season international friendly. Last year, FC Utrecht were beaten by the Red-Whites 3-0, and this year IFA and Union have lined up a famous English club – Queens Park Rangers.

There are strong links to the club from London, after all, Union striker Sebastian Polter played with the English traditional club before his move during the winter break. Affectionately known as the “Super Hoops” because of the blue and white stripes in their logo, QPR ended last season’s Football League Championship in 18th place.

Helmut Schulte, head of the licensing division at 1. FC Union Berlin, promises a very entertaining match: “In winter, we were in close contact with QPR, when we negotiated the transfer of Sebastian Polter. We are pleased that it has now also worked out with the date for the friendly. I'm sure we'll see an exciting duel.”

IFA Director, Jens Heithecker, especially appreciates the international component of the meeting: “Many English football fans are regular guests at the ‘An der Alten Försterei’ stadium and are just as excited about Union. This year, we are very pleased to once again be able to present a top English club, Queens Park Rangers, as an opponent for 1. FC Union Berlin.”

As the world's leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances, IFA has been closely associated with 1. FC Union Berlin as a cooperation partner since 2010. Tickets for the friendly are available: > HERE

IFA Global Press Conference

Starting signal in Lisbon

360° of innovation and inspiration – IFA 2017 program

More space for brands, a new platform for innovative ideas and a special presentation opportunity for component manufacturers. On April 22, the IFA Global Press Conference in Lisbon launched the current IFA season with interesting news on the program – and with digital growth drivers for the entire industry.

More than 300 journalists from over 50 countries took the opportunity to find out about the world's most important trade show of the year at the IFA Global Press Conference in Lisbon. The key trend is currently the merger of consumer electronics and household appliances into a convergent digital market, which has already reached a size of around USD 950 billion worldwide.

Hans-Joachim Kamp, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of gfu Consumer & Home Electronics, emphasized the importance of IFA for the entire market: “No other trade show can serve all the needs of industry, trade, consumers and media like IFA.” With an order volume of more than EUR 4.7 billion during the 6 showdays only, IFA impressively demonstrated this in 2016.

Dr. Christian Göke, CEO of Messe Berlin, made the connection to IFA 2017: “We have to arrive at a completely new understanding of consumer electronics.” This is why IFA now focuses on brands and innovations – and provides brands with more space than ever before. IFA also offers a new platform for all developers, manufacturers and distributors of components of future-oriented technologies – IFA Global Markets at STATION-Berlin.

IFA Executive Director, Jens Heithecker, showcased IFA NEXT. Under this new umbrella, start-ups, research facilities, universities and companies of all sizes will be gathered in Hall 26 to present their innovations. IFA Keynotes, IFA+ Summit and IFA Hosted Conferences are also integrated into the concept. “IFA NEXT focuses on innovations,” emphasized Heithecker. The new format offers an ideal opportunity to “see the latest ideas in one place.”

IFA NEXT, Hall 26

The Edge of Innovation

IFA’s new innovation platform brings innovators together

IFA NEXT is IFA’s new global innovation hub. In Hall 26, start-ups such as La FRENCH TECH, innovative companies including UBTECH and Amazon alexa, research institutions and organizations will present their ideas for tomorrow. This is where IFA NEXT, IFA+ Summit, IFA Keynotes and other formats unite under one roof.

Innovation is the DNA of IFA. In 2017, innovation is the key topic and will be given its own stage for the first time: IFA NEXT. Start-ups, research facilities, universities and companies of all sizes have the opportunity to present and discuss their future projects under a single roof. IFA NEXT goes far beyond the previous IFA TecWatch and opens up entirely new dimensions for future-oriented ideas and concepts.

This also includes the integration of other innovation-oriented IFA formats. Both the IFA Keynotes and the IFA+ Summit, along with a number of IFA-hosted Conferences, will be gathered under the unified banner of IFA NEXT in Hall 26.

IFA NEXT brings global expertise in future developments in technology, business and lifestyle together in one place. The new international hub for innovation ensures a dynamic transfer of knowledge, information and business ideas.


IFA Trade Visitors Reception

Spectacular extras included

Trade visitors enjoy true VIP treatment at IFA

From affordable travel packages to business breakfasts and instantly available meeting rooms, themed tours and free entry to IFA Global Markets: Our IFA trade visitor ticket opens the door to a multitude of exclusive deals for trade attendees. Pre-sales started!

From September 1 to 6, 2017, you should clear your calendar for Berlin. If you book your IFA tickets now, you will benefit from attractive travel packages. These include special railway deals, attractively priced flights with the Lufthansa Group and individual packages from our travel services partner – it is definitely worth booking early, as the attractive prices can only be guaranteed until 30 June!

IFA's exclusive trade visitor breakfast is the morning meeting place for industry professionals. Starting at 8 a.m. you can enter the reception at the south entrance via the red carpet as well as at the east entrance for the first time. The substantial and enjoyable business breakfast of croissants, fruit, yoghurt, coffee, cakes, juices and smoothies is available free of charge until 10 a.m.

At IFA's exclusive trade visitor reception at the south entrance you can take advantage of free WiFi in the lounge area. Work stations with printers help you get ready for the day. Here you can get an overview of the IFA exhibition catalog or browse through the numerous trade journals. Free meeting rooms for undisturbed negotiations can be used first come, first serve principle without the need to pre-book.

Are you arriving at the north entrance? No problem, the morning shuttle is on hand to bring you to south entrance.

At all IFA entrances, trade visitors are given priority access via Fast Lane. Fast shuttle services take you from Tegel airport to IFA exhibition grounds and IFA Global Markets – and will transport you between the IFA halls if you wish.

Compact trade visitor tours will guide you through the most exciting topics in your industry. These 90-minute tours focus on four to six exhibition stands. This is an exclusive and targeted way to get quickly up-to-date.

As a trade visitor, you also get access to the IFA Keynotes. This is where top-class insiders will provide first-hand insight into new trends and developments. In 2016, the platform featured Dr. Karsten Ottenberg, BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, Dr. Dieter Zetsche, Daimler AG, Mark Papermaster, AMD, and Harriet Green, IBM Watson IoT. This year the IFA opening keynote will be held by Pieter Nota, Philips, while more is to come.

IFA Global Markets will be a true highlight of IFA 2017. Europe's biggest sourcing platform will bring national and international suppliers, component manufacturers and OEM / ODM producers together under one roof. In an extraordinary location at the heart of the city: STATION-Berlin at Gleisdreieck. A quick shuttle from the IFA exhibition site will take you there and back. And with our IFA trade visitor ticket everything is free of charge.

You can find detailed information for trade visitors: > HERE

IFA Global Markets

Europe's biggest sourcing market is here

IFA Global Markets – A unique hub for technical consumer goods, digital products, and new technologies from CE & HA

What began last year will become a real highlight of 2017: IFA Global Markets at STATION-Berlin at Gleisdreieck is IFA's central international trading platform for suppliers, component manufacturers, OEMs, and ODMs.

Germany is Europe's largest market for digital and electronic products – and Berlin is its new trading center. IFA Global Markets offers one unique, central destination in Europe for developers, distributors and buyers for 2017.

Parallel with IFA but somewhat shorter in duration, from 3 – 6 September 2017, all Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Original Design Manufacturers (ODM), suppliers, and manufacturers of electrical components will exhibit here – on 20,000 exceptional square meters of exhibition space in the center of Berlin.

At STATION-Berlin at Gleisdreieck, only about 30 minutes from the exhibition grounds, companies will find technical inspiration and products for their developments. From electronic consumer goods and digital solutions to components and products, IFA Global Markets has it all – including international industry contacts.

IFA Global Markets takes place exclusively for IFA trade visitors. Your IFA trade visitor ticket grants you free entry. A free shuttle service will provide a regular connection between the exhibition grounds and STATION-Berlin. Save the date: 3 – 6 September 2017!

Exhibitors interested in IFA and IFA Global Markets should contact the IFA team quickly. Experience shows that exhibition space fills up fast.

Further information on IFA Global Markets: > HERE

IFA Sommergarten

This summer will be YELLO

Three outstanding concert events connected to IFA 2017

On 31 August, Boris Blank and Dieter Meier will showcase YELLO's unique sound collages in the IFA Summer Garden. On 1 & 2 September, Philipp Poisel, Jennifer Rostock, and Von Wegen Lisbeth will take the stage. And on 3 September there will be an atmospheric performance by Silbermond.

"Out of cyberspace – into live experience": On 31 August 2017, YELLO will return to Berlin. The production of Boris Blank's soundpictures and Dieter Meier’s visual worlds promises to be one of the summer's most outstanding concert experiences. YELLO will present a journey through four decades of the band's history in the IFA Summer Garden – with songs from the new album Toy, as well as hits like The Race, Do it, or Oh Yeah. Tickets:

On 1 & 2 September 2017, a new version of the Fritz DeutschPoeten event will be held in the IFA Summer Garden. Philipp Poisel, Jennifer Rostock, Von Wegen Lisbeth, and many more will take the stage the first weekend in September. Festival tickets: or

Silbermond, with their charismatic frontwoman Stefanie Kloss, are among the most successful German bands of all time. Fans can look forward to an outdoor concert in the IFA Summer Garden on 3 September. Tickets:

YELLO and Silbermond ticket holders receive free IFA day tickets on the evening of the concert.

CE China

Visit CE China for free!

From 4 – 6 May 2017, Shenzhen will become an Eldorado for the CE and HA industry

Want to experience CE China in Shenzhen? IFA, the world's largest trade show for consumer electronics and electrical home appliances, invites all interested parties to attend the second edition of CE China from 4 – 6 May in Shenzhen for free.

CE China 2017 will present an outstanding range of the world's most forward-thinking brands. At Start-up Area Connect @ CE China, innovative ideas meet investors, researchers, distributors, and journalists. The Digital Health Zone offers everything relating to fitness, health, and lifestyle.

Opening day at CE China will also offer high-profile keynotes, including A.W. Graylin, China Regional President of HTC Vive.

CE China takes place to 4 – 6 May 2017 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Leading companies in the fields of consumer electronics and home appliances that are active on the Chinese and Southeast Asian market will be found at the show.

Get your free ticket to CE China before 3 May 2017!