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Arcelik CEO @Grundig press conference: "IFA is the most important event for our industry."

Samsung presents the fridge as part of the family

Starting now, consumers in Europe are also able to purchase the Samsung Family Hub. Families in the United States have been enjoying the benefits of this clever all-rounder – a fridge that can remind you what you have already have while you browse the refrigerated section at the supermarket – since May this year. “Every time the refrigerator closes, the Family Hub takes a picture. You can then look at that picture on your smartphone when you’re out and about and use it to see what you actually need,” Daniel Hervie, Samsung’s European Director Digital Appliances, explains.

Your family can leave messages for each other and coordinate schedules on its 21.5” display. The Family Hub also allows the family to order food online for home delivery. Here Samsung is cooperating with various partners, including Eataly, one of the largest distributors of Italian consumer goods worldwide. Club de Chefs is also a partner, which allows Family Hub users to get help from the best chefs in the world while they prepare their food. “We can hardly wait for the day when we start ‘virtually’ entering your kitchens,” enthuses excited star chef Michele Roux.

In contrast to the massive four-door US model, the European model is decidedly smaller. With measurements of 55.9 x 192.7 x 65 cm (W x H x D), this two-door fridge can be easily integrated into existing kitchens. The Family Hub RB7500 has a volume of 356 liters (226 liters refrigerator capacity and 130 liters freezer capacity) and is arriving in the fall and will be priced at approx. 4,399 EUR (RRP).

CityCube Berlin, Hall B, Stand 101

Press contact:

Felix Trompke, FAKTOR 3 AG Telephone: +49-40 -679446-6140,,

Metz wants to cement its premium image with OLED TVs

Electrical consumer electronics brand Metz, a company steeped in tradition, wants to cement its reputation for quality with OLED TVs. Dongwen Yang, CEO of the Chinese parent company, Skyworth, explained the takeover of the insolvent Zirndorf-based manufacturer at IFA 2016, saying that his company wanted to use the brand to establish a large-scale TV manufacturing plant in Germany. Skyworth is the market leader in China, and thanks to a strategic alliance with LG Display, it is one of the few large manufacturers with access to OLED technology. Dongwen Yang sees TV sets as the nucleus of the smart home. Intelligent networking will work its way through the smart community, so a multi-family home up to smart cities, he predicts.

The two TVs currently in the Novum OLED range are placed in the upper price segment with their 55” and 65” displays. Here they are setting standards with pixel technology with 33 million pixels that can be activated individually. For the user, this means a larger viewing angle, better illumination, and greater contrast even in unfavorable lighting conditions, as Thomas Billing from Metz explained. OLED technology will enter the mass market “through the traditional route”, said CEO Norbert Kotzbauer, and Metz has high hopes of being one of the first to occupy this space. He emphasized that the devices will be truly made in Germany, because they will be designed and assembled in the Zirndorf factory.

Skyworth will also enter the German and Austrian market under the umbrella of Metz Consumer Electronics later this year. To date, televisions have been marketed under the Metz brand in the German-speaking area, Italy, and Russia.

Hall 6b, Stand 201

Press contact: Oliver Bezold, Tel.: +49 911 9706239

Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai:
IFA is the world´s largest consumer electronics show @Sony #IFA16

Bosch is creating the connected home, connected kitchen, and much more

The end of incompatible parallel solutions in the connected home is in sight: Bosch wants to connect the home, kitchen, and much more, to make interoperability a reality. At IFA 2016, Peter Schnäbele, CEO of Bosch Smart Home GmbH, presented a solution that allows devices and installations from different manufacturers to connect to one another. This could make the heating automatically switch off for as long as the window is open, for example. Or the light in the living room might switch to a different color when the washing machine or oven are ready to be unloaded. At Bosch it goes without saying that the stove and exhaust hoods are connected both to each other and food and recipe suppliers. Schnäbeler speaks of a reasonable chance that this connectivity will expand into mobility solutions or garden equipment – industries where the Stuttgart-based company is also a major player.

Bosch will be also be presenting three new home security products at IFA 2016. The first is an indoor camera which can rotate 360 degrees and produces HD quality images. It has three movement sensors and an integrated intercom system. The second is an outdoor camera, which also has an intercom system and can be mounted on the front door to enable communication with visitors or delivery personnel from indoors or even a remote location via the internet. The third is a smoke alarm with an air quality sensor that only goes off if there is a danger to health. It also constantly monitors the temperature, humidity level, and purity of the air, and detects mold, for example.

Hall 3.1, Stand 101

Press contact: Astrid Zaszlo, Tel.: +49 175 2964305,,

Siemens dishwasher orders its own tabs

The futuristic scenario that a drone will deliver supplies ordered by your smart home can become a reality in March 2017. At IFA 2016 in Berlin, Siemens’s head of electrical home appliances introduced a dishwasher in the iQ700 series that counts the number of dishwashing tabs it has already used. Once a certain number has been reached, the dishwasher will – thanks to a partnership with Amazon – order a new pack, provided the appliance is connected to the internet.

That is just one of the many possible advantages connected home appliances and the smart home have to offer. People who generate their own electricity through solar cells on their own roof can connect the dishwasher to the home’s energy management system, thus ensuring that the dishwasher only starts when there is enough solar energy being generated. This also works with washing machines.

Hagenbucher cited studies which show how the design of home appliances in the kitchen is becoming increasingly important to their users. That is also why the iQ700 exhaust hood also produces light of varying intensity and in different colors so that it can be adapted to the room’s ambient lighting.

Hall 1.1, Stand 101

Press contact: Alex Kostner, Tel.: +49 89 4590 2571,,

Miele now offers a bagless vacuum cleaner

Miele has broken one of the company’s central principles at IFA 2016. Until now, Miele has always said: “A bag is always necessary in Miele vacuum cleaners,” but now the Gütersloh-based company is introducing its first bagless vacuum cleaner in the form of the Blizzard CX 1. Monocyclone technology means its suction power can be regulated and the noise made much more discreet than with many competitor models. Among other solutions, the Blizzard solves the problem of the fine cloud of dust created when emptying the dust container. The CX 1 collects only coarse dust in this first container, and sends the fine dust to an almost maintenance-free filter system that just has to be rinsed out with water twice a year. Executive Director Markus Miele promises that the exhaust air from the Blizzard is cleaner than ordinary air in the room.

In addition to the reduced-price large appliances, Miele also introduced a new premium washer-dryer machine. “There is nothing better, faster, and easier to use on the market,” says Joint Executive Director Reinhard Zinkann. The WT1 uses the PowerWash 2.0 software and the TwinDos smart dispensing system. It is reported to save 25 percent on energy and 40 percent on time.

Finally, Head of Marketing Axel Kniehl announced that Miele will also be introducing its first own-brand coffee. It is called “Black Edition No. 1”, and is “organic, fair trade, and 100% Arabica from four beans grown in the South-American highlands.”

Hall 2.1, Stand 101

Press contact: Carsten Prudent, Tel.: +49 5241 89 1951,

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Newsletter 1.9.

Thomas Rietig

Acer is breaking barriers, presenting the world’s thinnest laptop

Creating things others can only dream of. That is the goal of Acer’s CEO, Jason Chen. This includes the new grandPad®, which is designed to enable older people to access new technologies. 27,000 senior citizens in the United States are already using one, but there are still more than 300 million people worldwide who are disconnected from the world around them due to technological barriers. The grandPad®, which is optimized for use by the elderly and is launched for the first time in Europe (Switzerland) during IFA 2016, is set to change this.

Chen also had the idea to develop a computer that is thinner than one centimeter. The project once dubbed ‘mission impossible’ by his colleague Jerry Hou (General Manager, Consumer Notebooks) is now a reality. Among many innovations presented at IFA 2016 is the Acer Swift 7, with its 9.98-millimeter thickness making it the thinnest laptop in the world. The 13.3” display has a full HD resolution and is protected against scratches and damage with Gorilla Glass. Two USB-C ports and an audio output port allow connection to periphery devices. The laptop boasts a 7th generation Intel i5 core, which does not require active ventilation. Users have 8 gigabytes of RAM at their disposal. The SSD has a capacity of 256 gigabytes.

Upcoming highlights include the Predator 21 X, the first gaming notebook with a curved screen, and the Predator Z271T, the first monitor with eye-tracking technology. This monitor makes it possible to target enemies through eye movements in PC gaming. “This is perfect for people like me, who have bad hand-eye coordination,” says Chen. It saves players a mouse click. “It’s much more intuitive,” Chen adds with enthusiasm.

Hall 12, Stand 107

Press contact: Simone Fritzsche, Telephone: +41-912610406,,

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