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IFA TecWatch – Innovations for the markets of tomorrow

IFA´s future lab “TecWatch” is the global innovation exchange at IFA bringing together researchers, industry professionals, start-ups and retailers for a dynamic transfer of knowledge, information and business ideas.

From new standards and solutions for a smart media world, to concepts for sustainable energy-efficiency, comfort and convenience in the networked home, data and property security, apps and wearable devices for fitness and health, products from 3-D printers and ideas for sustainable mobility.

More than 70 startups and 100 companies, research institutes, universities, and industry associations joined IFA TecWatch 2016 to show us where technology will take us: IFA TecWatch, the central hub of ideas for the markets of tomorrow, was showcasing innovations and the latest products from all corners of the consumer and home electronics industries in the 3,000 square meters of Hall 11.1.

The TecWatch Forum at the center of the hall complemented the exhibition with an excellent supporting program of lectures, panel discussions, and presentations.

Focus topics 2016

  • Smart Home
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Digital Health
  • Robotics
  • Mobility
  • 3D Print & Scanning
  • Data Security
IFA TecWatch Forum Live Streaming

IFA TecWatch Forum 2015; Heiko Maas

IFA TecWatch Forum - Sharing Innovative Ideas

Lectures, panel discussions and debates

How can we secure our data? Is the smart home super-standard coming soon? Will drones be delivering pizza in the near future? And will robots be handling household chores?

Future technologies raise many questions. The IFA TecWatch Forum brings these issues to the stage. This is where expert lectures and panel discussions will be taking place on all trade show days. Technical background information, incisive opinions, debates and relevant opinions from policymakers and industry representatives – the forum in the center of the IFA TecWatch Hall offers a perfect setting for all this and much more.

IFA TecWatch exhibitors* can apply for a forum presentation time slot. The TecWatch team will organize these presentations into exciting theme-focused days and develop a program designed to attract not only experts and the media, but also many trade show visitors.


Dr. Gudrun Quandel
Mobile: +49 (0)171-199 53 34

Forum notes
* Speakers who are not exhibitors at IFA TecWatch are eligible to participate on a space-available basis. The topic of discussion should enrich/supplement the forum. Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

German Startups Association
Startup Days @ IFA TecWatch

Startup Days @ IFA TecWatch


Startups create their own markets, like Facebook and Google, or push forward into existing markets, such as Tesla. The base of all these achievements is innovation and the courage to do things differently. But how do you do things differently and what is the core of real innovation? Here is the answer: At the IFA Startup Days, the hottest startups showcase their solutions and products from selected topics - and face a discussion with the trade visitors in the IFA TecWatch Forum.

The German Startup Association organized this year’s IFA Startup Days from Friday, September 2nd to Tuesday, September 6th 2016.

Each day, 10 startups from the same industry exhibited at IFA TecWatch and presented themselves on stage by pitching their products during the startup program in front of IFA visitors, journalists, experts and decision makers from industry and trade and of course VCs!

Startup Days 2016:

  • Friday, 02 September: Smart Home
  • Saturday, 03 September: Virtual Reality
  • Sunday, 04 September: Digital Health
  • Monday, 05 September: Future Mobility
  • Tuesday, 06 September: IoT (Internet of Things)


If you have questions about the IFA Startup Days or want to become an exhibitor, contact Katharina, event manager of the German Startups Association:

Jan Bartholomae

Exhibitor Contact

Jan Bartholomae

Tel.: +49 (0) 30 / 3038-2390

IFA TecWatch is the ideal platform for startups to present their products and services. With Flimme, our exciting new live video streaming platform utilizing crowd-sourced content, we were able to win new customers, generate press and exchange ideas with other tech startups around us. We are proud to have been a part of IFA TecWatch, a perfect environment for any young tech company.

We were able to win new customers.

Matthew Tuccio Co-founder and Managing Partner at Mevango GmbH, Berlin

Researchers, Entrepreneurs, Robots and Virtual Reality

Inspired Entrepreneurs

Young entrepreneurs have a firm place in the IFA TecWatch hall. For the third time this year, the German Startups Association is working closely with the IFA organizers to put together five exciting days following different themes: the Start-Up Days. The unique program offers exhibits, lectures, pitching competitions and presentations.
A group of young entrepreneurs will present their product ideas all day on each of the five Startup Days. In addition to this, the founders of these start-ups will each present their technology and marketing concepts on the TecWatch Forum presentation stage in the afternoons. Visit for more information.

Virtual Reality

How is it possible to produce 360-degree images for virtual reality? IFA TecWatch shows how through impressive examples for ambitious and interested amateurs and professionals alike. The largest 3D scanner of all time creates templates for the virtual worlds for a variety of applications, such as video games. It records objects and people using more than 80 high-aperture lenses arranged around the walls of a compact photo booth. The entire scanning process is complete within just a fraction of a second.

The Smart Home

Industry association ZVEH’s e-home is a reference installation for the connected life. It presents smart home solutions for intelligent energy and atmosphere management, comfortable communication, media distribution, and security. How can different systems work together seamlessly? The e-home shows a host of successful examples in action. Many small and medium-sized companies will also present detailed solutions for life in connected homes, where the Internet of Things plays an increasingly dominant role in everyday life. Electromobility will also be discussed in relation to smart homes: The home energy management system of the future will include a charging station in the garage. The e-home presents such an example with a Tesla.

Captivating Images

The future of broadcasting is already here in the form of DVB-T2 HD, the next generation of terrestrial TV. Broadcasters in Germany are using an extremely efficient video coding standard to make this a reality – HEVC, which was specially developed for Ultra HD. Spectacular image quality is the focus of another presentation: incredible brightness, stunning contrast, and vivid colors are the key features found in next-generation media, while HDR (High Dynamic Range) and extended color spaces are the key terms to watch out for. What is available right now? And what can we expect in the coming years? IFA TecWatch provides a detailed overview.

Powerful Sound

The tech visionaries also have pioneering ideas where good sound is concerned. 3D audio has already established itself in home theater, virtual headphones, and even car audio. The new MPEG-H audio codec offers a range of additional interesting opportunities. This new codec can pack multiple audio objects into a single sound data stream, such as different language options which can be selected via the remote control. If a sports reporter strains their vocal chords trying to communicate above the loud chants of fans, they will be able to receive some technical aid through the use of MPEG-H sound tracks in the future. TV viewers can use a remote control to adjust how loud the reporter’s voice is against the noise of the crowd.

Intelligent Lights

LEDs, the innovative light source, can do more than just save energy. They can also be perfectly integrated into digital control systems. Apps can then be used to adjust both the brightness and colors of modern light sources. One of the most sophisticated applications can be seen at TecWatch in Hall 11.1: a compact electronic component that is screwed into a socket just like a traditional bulb can be used either as a lamp or video projector to show YouTube clips or Netflix videos on the wall.

Clever Robots

Capable of autonomously running or rolling around, reacting to their environment, speaking to us, or communicating via monitors, these clever robots are the household companions of the future. Robots can be toys, entertainers, or a serious help with everyday household chores. TecWatch will present a number of examples of what these little chaps can do. The exhibition will even feature a modular robot system for children.

Digital Payments

Wallets and coin purses will soon be a thing of the past – in the future we will be paying with our smartphones. This requires extensive infrastructure to support transactions in the virtual world. IFA TecWatch will show how this works with a great example from one of the biggest companies in the e-payments sector.

Cool Careers: Girls’ Day

How can we inspire young people, especially young girls, to take an interest in the technical professions? A joint initiative led by three industry associations, the VDE, ZVEH and ZVEI, will provide some concrete answers at Girls’ Day on 6 September. The day will involve live talks, hands-on activities and the sharing of experiences from young students.

Quenching Thirst

The smart home kitchen of the future should never be without an app-controlled personal brewery. Just add hops, malt, and water to create your own thirst-quenchers at home and – while stocks last – visitors to TecWatch aged 18 and over will even be able to try a drop for themselves!

IFA TecWatch Exhibitor Overview

ACE Forum Inc., aiFi, Airboxlab, Airyzone Technology, Altyor, Beeline, BeamLabs, Bell & Wyson, Bird Home Automation, botspot, Brewie, Cujo, Deutsche TV-Plattform, Digitsole, digitalSTROM, Embrace Audio Lab, eMovements, exelonix, Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS, Fraunhofer Institute HHI, Fraunhofer Institute IIS, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung, German Startup Association, Hardware Club, iGo3D GmbH, ilifesmart, ISKN, JooVuu X, Keen, Keezel, KiwiBox, Luuv, Mikme, Mota, Nanoleaf, naon, Panono, Parce, PicoBrew, PlumeLabs, Robart, Robot of the future, Sam Labs, Sensorwake,, Sevenhugs, Smarter Applications, Sphericam, SPIN remote B.V., tado° GmbH, technovator, Tento Engineering, Testbirds GmbH, The Mixfader, The University of Tokyo, Tubs – TU Berlin Science Marketing, Univer2Go, VDE, ViRa Technologies, Up Right, Worldline, Y3K Europe, Yujin Robot, ZVEH E-Haus, ZVEI

Find out more about the exhibitors and their products at IFA Virtual Market Place, the official IFA online catalog.