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IFA Newsticker, 4 September 2012

Main themes at IFA

Terratec presents text-to-speech radio for the blind

The iRadio M110+ being displayed by Terratec at IFA 2012 is a mobile radio with hybrid technology. It can receive the usual FM stations as well as those broadcasting in DAB and DAB+ and over 14,000 stations that are available on the internet. The built-in antenna is removable and the radio can then be connected to an antenna installed in a building. Its high performance battery provides up to 15 hours listening pleasure with a single charge. With its tactile controls and a station selector wheel that clicks into place the dRadio 110 has been developed for the blind and visually impaired. There is also an optional USB stick for text-to-speech, which can be used to activate spoken operating instructions and station identification. Previously only available in German, at this year’s IFA English, French and Italian versions are being introduced as well.

(Hall 1.2, Stand 106, contact: Sylke Will, telephone: ++49(0)151/14044573, email: swylke.will@terratec.de)

Awards for China’s most innovative equipment manufacturers at IFA

For the fourth time in succession IFA 2012 provided an occasion for the state-run CHEARI institute , the China Household Electric Appliance Research Institute , to present its awards to the most innovative Chinese home appliance manufacturers. The appliances were assessed according to the innovativeness of their technology, their design and the products themselves. Numerous Chinese manufacturers received the awards. The panel of judges were also impressed by BSH Home Appliances China Co. and Beko Home Appliances . An award was also given to the most influential brands. This year the award for large appliances went to Haier Co. Ltd , while the most influential small home appliance brand is Joyoung Co. Ltd . The guest speaker, Dr. Klaus Töpfer , former executive director of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), referred to the environmental qualities and energy efficiency of the home appliance industry. In his view Chinese companies have made considerable efforts in order to improve their contributions in these areas.

Haier In future refrigerators will suggest the recipes

Haier Europe is presenting EEC A+++ minus 40 washing machines at IFA 2012, which measure out the precise amount of detergent required, automatically adjust their programme to the degree of soiling, and remove residues in between spin cycles. “The 26 Series appliances combine our entire expertise”, explains Reuben Trevino, Marketing & Communication Assistant Europe . Some of the other appliances are provided with an antibacterial door seal and a detergent tray. Haier is presenting the prototype of a three-door fridge-freezer combination whose opaque front panel becomes transparent when touched. It also has a function that assesses the amount of food stored in the unit and advises when replenishments are needed. If the owner cannot be bothered, the ideas function suggests recipes based on the contents of the refrigerator.

(Hall 3.1, Stand 103, contact: Silke Schulz, telephone: +33 (0) 1 55 02 27 90, email: s.schulz@open2europe.com)

Soundracer gives electric cars a “safe” sound

Electric cars are the coming thing and they run silently. What is a welcome development from an environmental point of view is often a hazard to pedestrians and cyclists, who may be unaware of an approaching vehicle. For this reason there are plans to require such vehicles to be fitted with a device that creates an artificial noise. A law requiring this is currently being drawn up in the USA, according to Kenneth Palmestal , Managing Director of the Swedish company SoundRacer AB . At IFA 2012 he is exhibiting a system that provides electric vehicles with the sound of a conventional engine. The company does not lack experience in this field, having already supplied more than 100,000 of its sound systems for those drivers who want to hear a proper engine sound even in a small car. The Soundstick obtains its power from the socket in the vehicle, connects to the car radio, and makes a Smart sound like a Shelby Mustang, Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari 512 or – appearing for the first time at IFA - a Lexus LFA.

(Hall 28, Stand 265, contact: Kenneth Palmestal, telephone: +46/706/906090, email: kenneth@soundracer.se)

Gorenje automatically reduces energy consumption

Gorenje GmbH is presenting the prototypes of its new generation of fridge-freezers at IFA 2012: ‘IonAir’ technology keeps food fresher for longer and, in particular, it eliminates bacteria, fungi and unpleasant smells, according to Marketing Manager Elisabeth Wieser . If a large number of glass bottles are stored in the refrigerator the ‘AdaptCool’ system measures the interior temperature and reduces the power output if the bottles themselves are helping to cool the inside of the appliance. The Vita Line ovens have a 65 litre cooking space and a three-stage ‘VitaTower’: the cooking tower comprises three perforated ceramic containers for carefully steaming. These appliances will probably be in the shops in Germany in 2013. The IQcook, however, is already available. It uses sensors in the lids and induction hotplates for an ideal temperature setting. This can reduce energy consumption by up to 40 per cent compared with standard hotplates.

(Hall 1.1, Stand 201, contact: Elisabeth Wieser, telephone: +49 (0) 89 50 20 73 12, email: elisabeth.wieser@gorenje.com)

AVM makes LTE multifunctional

The FRITZ!Box 6810 LTE is the main focus of attention on the AVM stand at this year’s IFA and is notable above all for its new design, which has been developed specially for LTE use. This narrow FRITZ!Box can be placed anywhere and combines all the vital communication functions in a single unit. It supports the frequency ranges of 800 MHz and 2.6 GHz.

The new FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 310 is not only small and compact, but also has an impressive output and low energy consumption. Five field strength LEDs help to find the ideal position in the home.

Using a variety of different criteria the FRITZ!DECT 200 socket enables consumers of electricity to automatically be switched off or on remotely and in addition consumption can be measured and documented over long periods of time.

(Location: Hall 17, Stand 115, contact: Samira Jordan, tel. +49 (0) 30-399 76-645; email: s.jordan@avm.de)

Highlights of the products and sectors on display at IFA

SanDisk has the fastest memory card

SanDisk , which claims to be the leading manufacturer of flash memory solutions, announced what is certain to be the fastest memory card for mobile devices at IFA 2012. The SanDisk Extreme Pro microSDHC UHS-I card is available in an 8 and a 16 GByte version and is intended in particular to increase the data storage capacity of smartphones and tablets.

There is bound to be plenty of interest in the SanDisk Extreme USB flash drive , designed for USB 3.0, for files with up to 190 Mbyte/s, enabling data to be transferred ten times faster than with a USB 2.0 drive. 40 GByte can be transferred in four minutes. To enable laptops and PCs to start up faster the company can offer the SanDisk Extreme SSD , which gets a PC up and running in less than 16 seconds, and shuts it down in the same time.

(Location: Hall 10.2, Stand 101 (Hama Stand!), contact: Miriam Franke, tel. +49 (0) 2102-420 611; email: miriam.franke@sandisk.com)

European debut for built-in kitchen appliances from Panasonic at IFA

The electronics manufacturer Panasonic Corporation is exhibiting its built-in kitchen appliances for the first time at IFA 2012, and they will go on sale in Europe in September. At the top of the range is an induction hotplate with infrared sensor technology, which can be used by amateur cooks to select the right temperature precisely and at any time. The hotplate area is enhanced by a brightly illuminated ring and blue LEDs. Panasonic is also presenting a high quality A+++ dishwasher with a separate tray for cutlery, touch-control operation, low noise levels and several different baskets, making it the ideal choice for any modern home. The steam irons have a two-way base with an area of 28 x 12 centimetres. This large base enables them to move smoothly in all directions. As a result it is almost impossible to inadvertently make creases when ironing.

(Hall 5.2, Stand 101, contact: Michael Langbehn, telephone: +49 (0) 40 85 49 0, email: presse.kontakt@eu.panasonic.com)

HM presents filing system for USB sticks at IFA

Increasing amounts of data are being archived on USB sticks, which afterwards tend to accumulate in boxes or fill entire drawers. In its search for the best archiving solution the German-Chinese manufacturer of a wide range of promotional USB sticks, HM blue Ltd ., had a simple but highly effective idea. A super-flat stick of between 2GB and 32 GB is incorporated into a sheet of card the same size as a mailing envelope, with a hole punched in the left hand side, which can then be kept in a stationery file. This internationally patented system is ideal for physicians and lawyers who want to be able to archive electronic files but at the same time to also make written notes in the margin, explains General Manager Bileam Feinauer . As an alternative the stick can be attached to a business card.

(Hall 28, Stand 202, contact: Bileam Feinauer, telephone: +49 (0) 7136 / 9917426, email: b.feinauer@hm-blue.de)

EP helps the environment

Anyone who has their photograph taken on the EP stand at IFA 2012 will not only receive a copy but also increases the amount donated by the trade buying group ElectronicPartner to Unicef, WWF or mountain gorillas by one euro. In addition details about the energy savings available with modern CE equipments are available from the association under the heading of EcoLife , with a particular emphasis on home appliances. And in the First Class section various in-store and presentation concepts for premium clients are on display. Visitors will also be able to learn how the subject of home networking in practice can be addressed.

(Location: Hall 6.2, Stand 201, contact: Christine Kohlmann, tel: +49 (0) 211-415 63 48; email: ckohlmann@electronicpartner.de)

Vestel with a wider range of products at IFA

Vestel , one of the largest European TV manufacturers, has plenty on offer at IFA 2012. With its control elements, referred to as widgets, and used with passive glasses, the 3D Smart LED TV is an easy way to get acquainted with the 3D viewing experience. This quick and easy-to-use 3D Smart LED TV provides entertainment and information at the press of a button: the internet, the weather, news, the stock markets, online shopping and much more besides. And apps are available to access virtually any kind of content. As a European company Vestel has an obligation to offer facilities for receiving signals from every kind of digital transmission system, including DVB-T2. IP technology is deployed for interactive television viewing in hotels, eliminating the need for an antenna. Transparent displays with screen diagonals of 22 and 46 inches are on show, and there is also a 60 inch quad HD set, enabling content to be converted from 2 to 4K. Based in Turkey, this company achieved a turnover of 5 billion euros last year.

(Location: Hall 8.2, Stand 101, contact: Okan Ekinay, tel. +90 (0) 236 23325 82 (ext.5972); email: okan.ekinay@vestel.com.tr)

TrekStor introduces its first tablets at IFA

TrekStor is now marketing tablets and is featuring three models at IFA 2012 with differing screen diagonals. The Smart Bag with its magnetic fastener, winner of the Reddot Design Award, can also be transformed to take a tablet, and a system is also on show for connecting an Android tab to a television set. Other new items include an e-book reader with or without WLAN, and a DVB-T stick for use with Macs.

(Hall 14.1, Stand 209, contact: Nadine Heinen, telephone: +49 (0) 2153 / 910850, email: nadine@konstant.de)

Data security is of paramount importance for Seagate

Many users rely on little more than hope in order to keep their data secure. Members of social networks do not consider that their data could ever be lost. The Backup Plus range of products from Seagate that is being displayed at IFA 2012 enables all important social media data to be stored locally on a hard drive with just a few mouse clicks, and it can also be shared via Facebook and Flickr. This ensures that, even in the world of social media one retains control over one’s own data. The WLAN hard drive GoFlex Satellite gives users (almost) unlimited mobility. With wifi the 500 GByte hard drive, which can run for seven hours on one battery charge, can be connected wirelessly to up to eight mobile devices. The Universal Storage Module USM enables the new hard drives to be connected to Windows PCs as well as to Mac systems by means of integrated docking shafts. In terms of its turnover Seagate is the world’s largest manufacturer of hard drives, followed by Western Digital and Toshiba.

(Location: Hall 17, Stand 123, contact: Dieter Niewierra, tel. +49 (0) 89-211 871-37; email: dn@schwartzpr.de)

Nivona: Mid-range automatic coffee makers at IFA

Fully automated hot drink makers are synonymous with Nivona Apparate GmbH . The company will be launching its 7 Series at the end of October in the mid-price range. “Twist, press, enjoy, this is the underlying principle of these automatic coffee makers”, says Managing Partner Peter Wildner . One button is used to select the hot drink, with another the strength and quantity can be specified. And the temperature at which it is brewed can be adjusted too. This live programming system enables users to determine for themselves the amount of milk, froth and espresso when preparing a latte macchiato, for example. “We market our products through the service that we provide”, says Wildner. This is reflected in the evaluation obtained from business information services, which regularly place Nivona first or second.

(Hall 6.1, Stand 104, contact: Peter Wildner, telephone: +49 (0) 911 25 26 63 20, email: peter.wildner@nivona.com)

At IFA Liebherr is focusing on built-in appliances

Highly energy-efficient built-in refrigerators and combination units in a variety of designs form the focus of the display by Liebherr-Hausgeräte GmbH at IFA 2012. Many of the 66 new models for 2013 incorporate ‘NoFrost’ technology, eliminating the need to defrost them, and ‘SoftSystem’ closure, which is effective even if the inside of the door is fully laden. When they reach an angle of 30 degrees the doors close automatically. “Our floor-mounted units are rated A+++ minus 20 per cent, achieving energy efficiency standards that do not come into force until 2015”, says Advertising Manager Andrea Holz-Schuster . Large built-in units measuring 91 or 76 x 203 centimetres are available for custom kitchens.

(Hall 2.1, Stand 201, contact: Claudia Meindl, telephone: +43 (0) 22 62 60 24 54, email: claudia.meindl@liebherr.com)

Motörhead headphones make their world debut at IFA

The Swedish company Krusell International is using IFA 2012 for the world debut of a new headphone collection using the name and the logo of the hard rock band Motörhead . Drummer Mickey Dee and friends of the group, Rammstein , attended the Release Party. These products will be on the market in October. The “Bomber“ and “Iron Fist“ headphones, the projectile-shaped “Overkill“ headphones, the latter with built-in microphone and also designed as a headset for use with a smartphone, and “Trigger“ are named after the band’s song titles. While most headphone manufacturers incorporate a powerful bass unit for rap and hip-hop, the “ Motörheadphönes ” emphasise the mid- and upper range of guitar-heavy rock music, according to General Manager Ulf Sandberg . The Motörhead collection is augmented by the “Burner“, “Capricorn” and “Metropolis“ smartphone cases.

(Hall 9, Stand 313, contact: Ulf Sandberg, telephone: +46/31/3380005, email: ulf.sandberg@krusell.se)

Neo Reflection: European dealers sought for finger-operated mouse from Korea

The miniature mouse from Korea starts off as a normal, wireless computer mouse, but with an adapter, it can be placed on the index finger to become a finger mouse, and can be used to operate a computer at distances of up to ten metres. And users do not even have to point at the screen, making it ideal for use in presentations. Future models will also be equipped with a laser pointer, and a Bluetooth touch pen is also under development for tablets and smartphones, with a built-in air mouse. During IFA 2012 the inventor Changsu Suh , President of Neo Reflection from Daejeon, is seeking contacts with retailers in Europe.

(Hall 26, Stand 731, contact: Changsu Suh, telephone: +82 (0) 10 / 89304043, email: scs@neoreflection.net)

Groupe SEB’s companies offer many new aids for the home

This year a number of companies specialising in home appliances are exhibiting under the Groupe SEB name again at IFA. The Tefal ‘Freemove’ iron is cable-less and even operates without a battery, and promises complete freedom while ironing. On average an roning cycle consists of eight seconds of ironing with a four-second pause in between, according to investigations carried out by the company. “During these four seconds the iron is placed on a charging pad and the Thermoblock is rapidly heated up”, explains Henrike Döring on behalf of Groupe SEB . It then operates again with 2,400 watts of power. Rowenta is exhibiting a bagless vacuum cleaner which, at 68 decibels, is almost the quietest in the world. The ‘Silence Force Extreme Cyclonic Eco’ requires just 900 watts of power and has an output of 1,900 watts with an outstanding 85 per cent efficiency on carpets.

‘Soup & Co’ is the multi-purpose unit from Moulinex. It can crush ice, prepare smoothies, or cook cold or hot, creamy potato soups. Krups has carried out significant refinements to its ‘3 Mix 7000’ hand-held mixer, which originated in the 1990s, and the result is the ‘3 Mix 9000’, with more than a hint of its classic antecedent from 1959. The designers have retained the enclosed handle and the ergonomic shape, but the back of the appliance and the handle are now made of Santoprene plastic, which definitely has better non-slip properties and superior heat resistance than the plastics used in the 1950s.

(Pavilion at South Entrance, contact: Henrike Döring, telephone: +49 (0) 69 430 52 14 12, email: h.doering@beckerdoering.com)

Pioneer: Demand on the increase again for hifi

Hifi is back in fashion, and not only with Pioneer . A balanced, natural sound is popular again in the age of the iPhone and other devices, and both complement each other. At IFA 2012 Pioneer is displaying a new Pure Audio range with five new full-range amplifiers and three SACD players. For the young and the young at heart the company has set up an area with headphones and colourful micro-systems. Other items on display include 3D Blu-ray disc players, Sound Wing loudspeakers, home cinema systems and STEEZ audio products.

The Car Entertainment range includes Pioneer’s Augmented Reality Head-Up Display (AR HUD), which utilises the navigation function that is available on many modern smartphones, and uses an RGB laser light source to present instructions to drivers, points of interest and warnings directly on the windscreen.

(Location: Hall 1.2, Stand 144, contact: Jürgen Timm, tel. +49 (0) 2154-913 243; email: timm@pioneer.de)

Logitech’s brilliant sound experience

Logitech has brought many new products to Berlin for IFA 2012. Combining its many years of experience with wireless products with the professional, musical expertise of Ultimate Ears (UE), the company has created an impressive sound for all occasions.

One example is the Boombox , a mobile Bluetooth loudspeaker. The considerably smaller Mobile Boombox has a built-in microphone, enabling it to be used as a hands-free device. Among the headphones particular mention should be made of the UE 900 noise-isolating earphones and the UE 6000 , the latter with active noise suppression.

(Location: Hall 3.2, Stand 104, contact: Alexander Fuchs, tel. +49 (0) 89-173019-21; email: LogitechGermany@lewispr.com)

JVC puts the emphasis on action at IFA

JVC is developing a new market with the “ ADIXXION (GC-XA1) action camera, ideal for catching those particular moments during leisure activities such as spectacular outdoor sports on land, on the water or in the air. It can be hand-held or mounted on a helmet, bicycle, board or car. The camera produces high definition videos and photos in full HD quality, i.e. in 1,920 x 1,080p/30 and weighs just 126 g.

With two “Live Streaming Cameras“, the GV LS2 and GV LS1 JVC enables full HD streaming, integrated image capture on SDXC/SDHC/SD memory cards and also offers such practical functions as wifi and flexible, remotely controlled panning, tilting and zooming, but only via wifi.

The new HA-FRD80 in-ear headphone is provided with a new development, in the form of a carbon nanotube high performance membrane. This radiates sound in a straight line, preventing any losses from reflected sound, and efficiently reducing ambient noise.

(Location: Hall 2.2, Stand 118, contact: Jürgen Wilkin, tel. +49 (0) 6031-939-270; email: presse@jvc.de)

Korean bracelets provide a four-dimensional sound experience

A four-dimensional sound experience is promised by Dong-Yen Ryu , Director of Research and Development for the Korean company SEIL . At IFA 2012 the company is exhibiting its SOT (Sound of Tangibility) bracelet, which transmits the vibrations from music, films or games with an adjustable intensity to the body, thereby intensifying the experience. The PO 1 can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. It will be launched on the Korean market in September and this year’s IFA is being used to establish contacts with European dealers.

(Hall 26, Stand 716, contact: Dong-Yen Ryu, telephone: +82/10/93966099, email: rdycar@seilvalve.co.kr)

Details of all current press events and other events at IFA can be found on the internet at www.ifa-berlin.com (Events/Congresses).

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