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IFA Keynote 2017

James Park, fitbit

James Park

CEO, President & Co-Founder Fitbit

IFA Keynote

1 September 2017
5 - 5.45 pm

Hall 26b

The next level of Interaction: The future of health and wellness is wearable

Being healthy is something millions of people around the world struggle with daily. It’s also something that healthcare systems have tried to solve for decades.

Fitbit has spent the past decade helping people live healthier lives, and demonstrated the power of wearable devices to create healthier outcomes. Wearables have emerged as a favourite tool that helps millions of people around the world to proactively manage their health.

In this session, Fitbit CEO James Park will discuss the evolution of the wearables category, the long term potential for wearables to empower consumers to better understand their overall health and wellness, and highlight some exciting new areas that Fitbit is exploring as it continues to provide a deeper look at some of the largest population health issues.

Press Contact

Caroline Chauvire
+353 87 998 2792

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