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IFA Keynote 2018


Daniel Rausch
Vizepräsident, Amazon

IFA Keynote

1 September 2018

10:30 - 11:15 AM

Speaking to the Future: How Voice is Expanding and Improving Everyday Experiences

Voice is fundamentally improving the way we interact with technology. From offering instant access to information and entertainment to controlling the devices around us, voice-first experiences provide the most natural and convenient way to interact with the technology in our lives.

Amazon has spent years innovating to deliver voice capabilities through Alexa, and today there are hundreds of thousands of developers and device makers building Alexa experiences. As customer demand for voice-first interactions continues to grow, new advancements in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cloud services are contributing to an ever-increasing range of Alexa capabilities for customers and new opportunities for device manufacturers and skill builders.

Learn how Amazon’s efforts to innovate on behalf of customers is driving the next generation of technology interaction – creating convenient, easy to use experiences inside and outside our homes, automobiles, and workplaces through services that are personalized and always within reach of your voice.

Press Contact

Jonathan Richardson
T: +1 206 577 4280