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IFA Keynote 2018

Chengdong (Richard) Yu, Huawai

Chengdong (Richard) Yu
CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group

IFA Keynote

31 August 2018

2.00 - 2.45 pm

The Ultimate Power of Mobile AI

The mobile industry is experiencing a renaissance of on-device capabilities, particularly in AI. Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, will share his insights into the evolution of on-device AI. As industry players big and small are entering the field, devices across the price spectrum are including AI support among their features. However, many of these AI features remain primitive and are plagued by performance and efficiency problems. In addition, each smartphone manufacturer is moving into AI with its own standard for the nascent technology, widening the rift between platforms to the dismay of developers. In his keynote, Mr. Yu will share how more advanced mobile technology enhances the mobile user experience in gaming, AI and AR workloads, as well as his plans to standardize the AI developer environment with Huawei's Hi AI platform.

Press Contact

Tian Zhou
+86 186 888 322 39

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