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IFA NEXT Startup Days



We’re a platform that takes information from your SmartKitchen devices & turns it into grocery replenishment information.

For example, your smart kitchen devices report usage information to us (in whatever form they can - images, text, scent data, or any other sensor info that assists with identifying usage). We then apply all sorts of wizardry before sending an order to your chosen online grocery retailer - globally, meaning you don’t have to worry about replenishing the essentials.

Also, if your device connects to Pantri - it isn’t tied to a single grocery retailer, giving you choice in the future.

All of your devices & grocery products are controlled from within our dashboard app & our API handles all of the background data transfers.

So now, your oven can send an image of you using a chicken, we can work out programmatically that it is the chicken you had delivered last week, then based on your re-ordering rules arrange for the automated delivery of a new chick through your chosen grocery retailer.