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IFA NEXT Startup Days



Comfash aims to become the tool for stationary retailers in fashion that Google Analytics has become for online marketers to understand customers by leveraging powerful machine learning algorithms in the area of computer vision.

As stationary fashion retail business experience high pressure to keep up with the pace of eCommerce, one differentiating factor of the online shops is the ability to analyze customer journeys and individual behavior on their platforms in a very detailed manner, allowing those companies to derive valuable insights on how to optimize operations. As of now, physical shop owners lack this opportunity. Particular information about the in-store customer journey, such as when people try on different items and then buy a subset or do not buy anything at all, are not systematically feasible or sometimes not available at all to offline retailers. This is where comfash steps in, integrates into the purchasing process of the store with our app and opts for becoming the analytical tool of choice for retailers compared to what Google Analytics is for online marketers with our analytical platform.