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IFA NEXT Startup Days



The R-PUR NANO mask is the first anti-pollution mask, which is made in France and specially designed for two-wheel users. It is equipped with a patented nano-filtration® technology.

This mask allows you to breathe clean air by filtering toxic particles, fine particles / diesel, pollen, viruses and bacteria in the air. It also allies comfort and style. This solution was developed with the support of the National Institute of Arts et Métiers ParisTech for the research and development part.

Each mask contains a new generation filter that offers the best filtration in the world that goes beyond the FFP3 norm, which is the highest European norm for respiratory masks. The R-PUR NANO mask can be connected to a mobile application that allows you to know exactly when to replace your filter according to your personal use and the air pollution rate surrounding you in real time.

The mask was a real success with a crowdfunding campaign that raised more than 200 000€ of turnover.

80% of the orders were made in France and the remaining 20% came from more than 30 countries. This proves a real demand all around the globe.