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IFA NEXT Startup Days



Bescent designs and markets internationally innovative wellness solutions based on a recurring business model of perfumed capsules.

A young french company passionate about improving well-being, Bescent just celebrated its 3rd anniversary.

Bescent has been partnering with the world's leader group in fragrance industry, Givaudan, to create the first olfactory alarm clock using authentic and natural fragrances: The Sensorwake

"I hated mornings, so I looked for a more motivating way to wake up, started building prototypes in my garage, and that same year (2015) I represented France at the Google Science Fair in San Francisco. " Guillaume Rolland - Founder

3 steps, 3 minutes and the Sensorwake 2 will wake you gently by stimulating 3 senses: smell, sight and hearing, for a more motivating morning and a better mood on waking. One capsule lasts 30 uses and can be changed any time.

Already listed in stores like Boulanger, FnacDarty, Galeries Lafayette, Harvey Nichols, Harrods .. selling on his website ( and also Amazon.

Bescent keeps innovating and is working on the launch of a new solution to improve your sleep.