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September 14, 2017

IFA 2017: Exhibitor Statements

Audio-Technica Dirk Brieden,
Sales Manager Consumer Business

“We can say that our participation and results were a success. Customers were able to see that Audio-Technica is significantly driving innovation in both the analog and digital audio markets.“

AEG (Electrolux Hausgeräte)
Brian Fogh, Managing Director

"Once again, IFA proved to be a perfect platform to present our innovations to trade partners and consumers, to establish contacts and to deepen existing relationships. For AEG the needs and "best in class" experiences of the consumer are the focus. We have shown this during the past few days at IFA - which is also reflected in a very good order business. We draw a consistently positive summary from this year's show appearance - Berlin was definitely worth a trip again!"

Michaela Orten, Marketing Manager Central Europe

"IFA has crystallized as one of the most important trade shows for ARCHOS. This year we gladly used the event again to present our new products to our partners. Retailers and press have highly recognized it. We are therefore looking forward to IFA 2018."

Amica International
Zbigniew Platek, Managing Director

"We are very satisfied with the participation at IFA 2017. Our new range especially for trade and retail was a complete success. As the leading trade show for the Consumer Electronics, IFA will continue to be an integral part of our measurement calendar."

Georg Walkenbach, Managing Director

“Trends, innovations and cutting-edge technology - with its latest-generation products and over 50 innovations Beurer led the pack at IFA 2017. And the positive feedbacks are right! Healthcare is now on a new level. Digitalization of healthcare has taken on a new and important shape that enables us to support our customers with sophisticated product solutions and a healthy lifestyle. Looking back, we were very satisfied with IFA and would like to thank our visitors for their interest, fascinating meetings and new inspirations!”

Harald Friedrich, Managing Director

“IFA 2017 was an all-round success for Bosch Home Appliances. Our practical display of home appliance topics was enthusiastically received by the public.“

BSH Hausgeräte
Uwe Meergans, Head of DACH and Consumer Products, Eastern Europe

"IFA 2017 was an all-round success for Consumer Products. Our trading partners have given us a very positive feedback: we were able to convince with the new booth concepts of Siemens and Bosch on the whole and impress retailers with our innovations."

Willy Fischel, Managing Director

"From the point of view of national and international retailers, this year's IFA was an essential kick-off for a successful Christmas business. IFA’s evolutionary concept provides the right framework for a festival of innovations. Consumers, trade and retailers feel the enthusiasm and spirit generated by IFA each year. A big compliment to the IFA team who did an outstanding job."

Carrera (Aquarius Deutschland )
Michael Rotthaus, Managing Director

“For us as a new brand IFA is a needed platform for showcasing the latest developments in Home Appliances to a selected audience of experts. The direct dialog is important in order to ensure CARRERA retains the same passion, performance and success.“

Cloer Elektrogeräte
Achim Cloer, Managing Director

“What sets IFA apart is its combination of a platform for engaging with trading partners and the proximity to our joint customers, the consumer. Good discussions with both target groups in a perceptibly good mood have made us enjoy IFA 2017, like no other trade show before."

Devolo AG
Heiko Harbers, Chairman

"IFA 2017 once again proved why it is one of the most important trade shows in the world and and why it is a firm fixture on the calendar of events for devolo AG. We are more than satisfied with the response: The visitor frequency and order volume at IFA 2017 shows a clearly positive growth trend. The interest of trade and press in our measurement metrics clearly exceeded our already high expectations. With the IFA backwind, we are now entering the annual business together with our partners in international trade. We look forward to IFA next year!"

Frank Hagemann, Managing Director

“We see IFA as a perfect meeting place to present our innovations to an international audience, consisting of trade, press and consumers. IFA 2017 has successfully confirmed our past experience and we look forward to being back in 2018."

Stephan Tahy, Managing Director

"Our sales force has even boosted the great success of the previous year in Berlin and shows a top performance with this result. New products and innovations of our three premium brands De'Longhi, Kenwood and Braun made an outstanding impression and the volume of orders fulfilled our high expectations. The positive reactions throughout from our visitors showed that this year, once again, our overall concept was just right. We will definitely be returning home from IFA in a positive mood and will exploit the impetus it has given."

expert SE
Volker Müller, CEO

"We have had a lot of good meetings in Berlin and set the course for a successful future together with the industry - all in all, IFA was an absolutely successful event for us."

Lutz Burneleit, Area head, Comfort

"Once again, IFA showcased industry trends and innovations. The rapid pace of innovation in the smart home highlighted the importance of digitalization. Even if the personal business between people will continue to be the focus of specialist business in the future, every retailer must be on all channels. In order to sell smart home appliances cutting-edge technology is just as important as a successful shop concept presenting them. From the many meetings we had with various audiences the positive feedback at the show proved that our electroplus and küchenplus concepts were just right. That is another one of IFA’s strong points: the way it creates a platform for dialog and networking with consumers, retailers and the industry.“

Benedikt Kober, Spokesman of the Board of Management

"This year, IFA has shown more clearly than ever before that it is constantly evolving and, thanks to the new IFA NEXT concept, always gaining new target groups. IFA 2017 is a clear statement for us as Euronics that the industry has obviously gained in innovation. For us, it is the largest European group of companies and an indispensable part of our annual planning.”

Karl Trautmann, CEO

“IFA is abreast of the industry’s rapid pace and is expertly capable of adapting. That is why, every year in Berlin, trade visitors are able to gather new ideas, inspiration and energy for end-of-year business. That is what ElectronicPartner also focused on in 2017, and with those aims in mind it introduced a new concept for the cooperative’s members. The extremely positive reactions from our members both in Germany and abroad proofed that our decision was right.“

Grundig and Beko
Hakan Bulgurlu, CEO Arçelik Group

“We are delighted to have exhibited again this year, as IFA is a very important platform for us. This year we took the opportunity to showcase a large number of new products and innovations, establish new business contacts and focus attention on our initiatives. We were very satisfied with the quality of our meetings and the large number of visitors at our booth. We look forward to increasing the market share of both our brands next year.“

Kai Tutschke, Managing Director DACH:

"This year's IFA was a great success for Garmin. The consistently positive response to our brand presence and the new products have once again confirmed us in our course as an active lifestyle company. Not only did our CEO, Cliff Pemble, hold our IFA press conference, but also the numerous high-quality discussions with partners, media and consumers show the relevance of the show. Looking ahead to the coming quarter, it is now up for us to use this momentum and focus on the Christmas business."

Gibson Innovations
Matthias Wietstock, Vice President Sales DACH, Nordics, Benelux

"It was once again a pleasure to welcome our trading partners and consumers at the Philips booth and to inspire them for the Philips brand in our audio segment. The audio market and the Philips brand are developing very positively and we are looking forward to this very successful IFA for an exciting end-of-year business."

Gebr. Graef
Hermann Graef, Management

“The all-purpose slicer is making a comeback. We gave kitchen demonstrations of the work that can be done together with accessories on our stand. In addition to retailers, consumers also tried them out and were extremely impressed.“

Christoph Thomas, Managing Director

“We were very satisfied with this year’s IFA. Once again one could see that the show is an important meeting place for the industry, not only for displaying the latest products and technical trends, but also for discussing many concepts and ideas. In order to achieve this it is important for the trade to recognize the show as an important information exchange featuring major topics.”

Hisense Germany
Hans Wienands, Senior Vice President

“Once again IFA proved to be the most important consumer electronics and home appliances marketplace for us. The show is also an excellent platform for building contact with consumers, trading partners and the media and showcasing our new range of products. We were particularly pleased with the positive reactions to our premium products from all sides. Overall, the show went very well for us and we were very satisfied, both with the many good contacts we established and the number of interested visitors. The mood among retailers was positive and we can return home having done good business. Our participation was an all-round success and we are greatly looking forward to IFA 2018.“

Hubble Connected
Thorsten Schröer, DACH management for AEG & Motorola

“For us IFA has always been an ideal platform for showcasing the latest products to our business partners and customers. Our expanded range of wireless headphones and our new smart home solutions met with keen interest from resellers, so that we were very satisfied with our results.”

Rolf Diehl, Managing Director

“This is the tenth time we were represented at IFA in Berlin. The conclusion of IFA 2017 means that for JURA an outstandingly successful show has come to an end. The results were fantastic and we were delighted with the positive responses from visitors. Over the six days of the event the mood was very positive, which once again provided an excellent platform for in-depth meetings with our trading partners and interested consumers. Both the number of retailers who visited us and the volume of orders placed by the trade considerably exceeded our high expectations.”

Alfred Kärcher
Jan Recknagel, Managing Director

“IFA 2017 was an all-round success for Kärcher. We were able to impress consumers and trade visitors alike with our many new products and diverse marketing activities.“

LG Electronics
Daniel Schiffbauer, Director Home Entertainment

“We came with high expectations to IFA in Berlin and they were exceeded by far.“

LG Electronics
Zdravko Bojcic, Director Home Appliances

“Overall we registered keen interest from our trading partners which was reflected in the high volume of orders placed.“

Günther Sproll, Marketing Manager

“Once again IFA 2017 lived up to its reputation as a global platform. For Liebherr Home Appliances it was the ideal venue for showcasing numerous innovations and products. Digitalization and customizing were the two key topics that we focused on.“

Loewe Technologies
Mark Hüsges, Managing Partner

“For Loewe this year’s IFA was once again the perfect stage for highlighting our company’s capabilities to journalists, trading partners and the public. Be it quality OLED television sets or voice-controlled smart connectivity, the innovations we showed at IFA met great interest. The volume of orders we received during IFA from companies all over the world will boost our sales growth, which consistently remains in double figures.“

Wiebke Generotzky, Country Manager

“We were very satisfied with the positive responses of visitors to our new product ideas and new brand display. Overall, the show went very well for us and we are confident of successful end-of-year business.“

Frank Jüttner, Manager

“The volume of orders placed was higher than in previous years. As always, our displays at IFA not only emphasized quality and innovation, but also hospitality and respect for business among partners.”

Metz Consumer Electronics
Dr. Norbert Kotzbauer, CEO

“We enjoy coming to IFA every year and 2017 was an all-round success for us again. The introduction of our new Micos product lineup meant we were able to present our retailers and customers with a well thought-out range that is more wide-ranging than ever and satisfies the growing demand for premium segment UHD products. We also offered an insight into fascinating areas of development, and with our Amazon Alexa voice-controlled remote control unit, Android TV products and a spectacularly designed wallpaper OLED TV we were able to amaze the public.“

Christian Sokcevic, Managing Director

“In 2017 IFA was once again an important industry meeting place for us. This is where we get immediate reactions from our trading partners, the media and particularly consumers to our product range. The positive response to our new products and those we had previously presented meant the show was once again a commercial success. As a result we are looking optimistically towards end-of-year business.“

Bernd Laudahn, Managing Director Market DACH

“IFA 2017 went sensationally well for Philips. Around 1,000 trade visitors came to our stand daily, and explored and tested new products. In particular, visitors were very impressed with this year’s stand concept, both the areas for consumers and retailers. We can already say that IFA 2017 exceeded the successful results of last year. It has paved the way for a successful end-of-year business.“

Joachim Gast, Managing Director

“In 2017 we were again impressed by the wide range of products and concepts displayed at IFA. It also confirmed that we made the right decision to come here with our smart connected hearing aids. The first results of our collaboration with Miele, which incidentally was agreed at the last IFA, were very well received by consumers, trade visitors and journalists alike. We were also delighted with the overall widespread attention from the media.“

Michael Schahpar, Managing Director

“IFA is the ideal platform for us to showcase our forward-looking technology for robots in the home. This is where we meet the right audience. We are able to show consumers what household robots can currently do, and can establish contact with manufacturers who want to incorporate our ideas in their products.“

Samsung Electronics
Martin Börner, Vice President

“Taking as our slogan “Your New Normal”, at IFA 2017 Samsung was able to demonstrate outstanding technology that has already become the “new normal”. IFA was again the ideal platform for showcasing these new products to our trading partners and thousands of consumers. Overall, we were very satisfied with the show’s results in every product segment. Against the backdrop of connectivity becoming increasingly important in our everyday lives we were able to register significant growth, particularly in home appliances.”

Roland Hagenbucher, Managing Director

“Ten years of Home Appliances@IFA Berlin is cause for celebration. Within this last decade IFA has become a firm fixture on our calendar of events and one of the most important shows for doing business. IFA is the ideal platform for an impressive display of the Siemens brand and its new products. It is an annual summit for manufacturers, retailers and the media, and will no doubt remain so.“

Thomas Nedder, Country Head Germany

“Every day we witnessed thousands of technically-minded and enthusiastic visitors on our stand and had hundreds of successful meetings with our business partners. Sony’s participation in IFA 2017 was more than worthwhile. The show is an excellent platform for us to showcase our premium products in a quality environment. The many positive reactions from retailers, enthusiasts and journalists were an indication that over the last couple of days we successfully paved the way for end-of-year business.“

Astrid Duhamel, Head of Communications and Digital

“We were more than satisfied with the way this year’s IFA went. The widespread positive reactions from the trade and the media to our new products once again showed us that we are on the right track with our brands and that we are fully covering and satisfying the latest trends and desires of the consumer.“

Hendrik Unkel, General Manager

“IFA is the most important trade show on the calendar for us. That is why we decided to take this opportunity to showcase our brand. The show went very well for us and was an ideal platform for cultivating established ties and setting up new partnerships.“

TP Vision D/AC/H for Philips TV
Henrik Köhler, Managing Director

“After nearly a week at IFA in Berlin our assessment at Philips TV is very positive. The reactions from retailers and consumers as well as in the media to our new Philips TV sets was outstanding.“

TechniSat Digital
Stefan Kön, Managing Director

“We were very satisfied with this year’s IFA. Our new smart home products, UHD TV sets and innovative audio products were particularly well received by customers, trading partners and the media.“

Franz Schnur, Managing Director

“For us IFA is the marketplace that offers the best possible preparation for end-of-year business in the peak sales period. It is also a good opportunity for us to meet with trade visitors from other cooperatives, provide information to our members.“

ultron AG
Ralf Geppert, COO

“We were very satisfied with the way the show went. For many years IFA has been one of the most important events on the calendar, enabling us to continue to expand our domestic and international customer network. It is the ideal platform to achieve this, as it has such an interesting and wide range of audiences. Traditionally, IFA is also where significant numbers of orders are placed. We will be back next year.“

WMF Group
Martin Ludwig, Senior Vice President International Strategy and Product Creation and Managing Director of Small Electrical Appliances

“IFA in 2017 was an all-round success for WMF. The reactions from trade visitors and consumers to our new products were very positive. Overall, we welcomed significantly more visitors and customers on our stand, which in practical terms was reflected in substantial orders. Furthermore, the marketing activities we had planned for end-of-year business were enthusiastically received by our trading partners. We were also delighted with the widespread media attention devoted to our new products.“

IFA Berlin

IFA is the world's leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances. It will take place at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds (ExpoCenter City) from 1 to 6 September 2017. In addition, IFA Global Markets, taking place from 3 to 6 September at Station Berlin, will enhance the information and exhibitions on offer for professionals and experts.