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Deutsche TV Plattform

Deutsche TV Plattform

The German TV Platform is an association of various companies, organizations, and institutions concerned with the development of digital media. It includes commercial and public broadcasters, hardware manufacturers, infrastructure operators, service and technology providers, research institutes and universities, as well as German state and federal authorities. The more than 50 members of the German TV Platform hail from nearly every field of the media supply chain. With this kind of composition that transcends sectors and industries, our organization is and has been – for over a quarter of a century – the only industry-based institution in Germany with a membership base of such wide scope!

With regards to the dazzling speed at which digital electronic media develop nowadays, the German TV Platform no longer deals with traditional broadcast technology alone, but also with the convergence of consumer electronics, information technology, and telecommunication, including mobile communication. A special focus of the organization’s mission is to promote the exchange between market players and socially relevant groups, to coordinate their specific concerns, and to inform the public at large about new technical and technological developments in the area of digital moving-image media.

The topics which the German TV Platform is concerned with are a direct result of current technical innovations and their significance for viewers and suppliers.

Membership in the German TV Platform is open to all interested companies, institutions, and organizations which deal with digitalization and the development of audiovisual media or take part in the process of convergence.