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IFA NEXT Startup Days

Remo Tech Co., Ltd

Remo Tech Co., Ltd

OBSBOT, an artificial intelligence camera brand by REMO TECH, is dedicated to bring future of digital imaging in consumer's hands by pushing the boundaries of new age technology for more groundbreaking innovations.

Our R&D folks are a bunch of young engineers, specialized in Digital imaging and artificial intelligence, bringing in industry leading research. We strive to inspire creativity among video creators to record & share their life moments and work with their own unique visual language. OBSBOT's first product “TAIL”, offers a radical new way to easily capture footage as an all-in-one AI camera, capable of tracking, auto-zoom and gesture control, empowering you to be your own actor and director.

Besides more than 30 technical patents in the field of intelligent image shooting, OBSBOT Tail also won the RedDot Design Award & iF Design Award of 2019. With the wave of change gripping the imaging industry, sparked by the introduction of artificial intelligence technology, OBSBOT strives to break technological barriers and inspire the way people record their lives.