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September 10, 2019

SHIFT Automotive: Building Smart Environments - Integrating Smart Mobility Solutions

Following the "Wrap-Up" of the second SHIFT sessions. SHIFT will continue on Wednesday with speakers such as Robin Chase, former CTO of Barcelona, Francesca Bria, Creative Director of the Cars franchise at Pixar Animation Studios, Jay Ward and industry leaders from AXA, BMW, Daimler, Ford, Fujitsu and VW.

Robert Sparrow, Professor, Monash University, Melbourne
I was thinking about how we live in a world where we all want to move. Contemporary politics are terrified that poor people might move.
Social justice is not being talked about.

Robbert Lohmann, Chief Commercial Officer, 2getthere
Will automation be a threat for a city?
Moving towards driverless cars. Many companies are competing against each other?
The question we will not reduce cars or space, unless we do car sharing. This is the only way forward.

Tamy Ribeiro, Chief Mobility Evangelist & Head of Partnerships, Wunder Mobility
Thrive, adapt, or die.  Many companies are afraid of change. As future generations evolves companies will fall behind. Times are changing and innovation is more important than ever.

Pejvan Beigui, CTO, EasyMile
Mobility is a service revolution , the biggest since the industrial revolution . 15 million are employed by the car industry. Car ownership is disappearing. The car industry must reinvent their industry.

Stephan Pfeiffer, Head of Public Affairs, Ioki
Mobility will drastically change in the next years. Shared transport, and digital travel at the front. With all this shared transport, prices will decrease.

David Williams, Managing Director, Underwriting & Technical Services, AXA Insurance
The one thing we did know about autonomous cars was it would be a big disruption to our business. One of the things we believe will delay getting the AV on the roads is that people are not convinced they are safe. But people have always been wary of change.

Clare Jones, CCO at what3words
We take addresses for granted. The world has changed, and so must our addresses. The address system was designed long before machines were invented. We now are so depended on our machines to negate a system that was never invented with them in mind.

Wolfram Putz, Founding Partner & CEO, Graftlab
Curiosity. Culture of innovation. The creative processes we are using needs to look at where we are and where we are coming from. The future and the changes of mobility depend on smart holistic systems that will transform static situations into dynamic correlations.

Rodney Williams, CCO & Founder, LISNR
A fax machine sends data using sounds, we are sending data in a very similar way only over air, and not audible to the human ear.  We are taking on the issue of how mobile devices connect with automobiles. Past technologies cause friction at high frequencies we are out to change this.

Brian Wynne, President & CEO, Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI)
We have been motorising things for a long time. We have forgotten that many of the early first vehicles were electric.


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