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Guide Tours

Tickets and guided tours for trade visitors – book now online!

Exclusive guided tours and specially priced, early bird trade visitor tickets

Experience the most exciting trends for your business at IFA 2018: with one of our themed guided tours for trade visitors. You can now book IFA guided tours online together with your IFA trade visitor tickets, which offer you a host of benefits.

IFA trade visitor tickets offer an extensive package of benefits: Fast Lane for speedy entrance; admission to IFA Global Markets at STATION-Berlin, including a voucher for a lunch package (limited availability); all shuttle services to and from IFA and IFA Global Markets, IFA Keynotes; the IFA trade show catalogue; the trade visitor reception with breakfast and WiFi (daily from 8 a.m. at the South and East Entrances); immediately available meeting rooms; the opportunity to take part in guided tours for trade visitors; and a free digital subscription to one of the largest U.S. retail magazines – Dealerscope – worth 300 euros – everything is included! Early bird tickets are available online > HERE

IFA guided tours for trade visitors

Which trends are you most interested in? Which companies and solutions do you have on your radar? IFA and IFA Global Markets now offer trade visitors the opportunity to book exclusive guided tours to explore the latest topics affecting your industry.

Special guides will provide dedicated support throughout your exclusive two-hour tour of 3-5 exhibition stands. Groups are limited to a maximum of 15. The guided tours take place in English and German. Headsets ensure crystal-clear communication.

In 2018, IFA’s guided tours for trade visitors explore the following topics:

  • Stunning Screens: Next Steps in TV
  • Connected Kitchen
  • Healthcare, Fitness & Activity
  • Automotive & Mobility
  • Mobile Devices
  • Smart Homes – Smart Cities
  • Virtual Reality, Gaming, Drones
  • Digital Audio, Wireless Speaker, Headphones
  • Voice Recognition, AI & Robotics

IFA Global Markets at STATION-Berlin offers guided tours on:

  • Classic CE / HE Products & Components
    (TV, Audio, Mobile, Small Kitchen Appliances)
  • On Demand Solutions & Technologies
    (VR / Gaming, Wearables, Drones, Smart Home)

You will only need your IFA trade visitor ticket for guided tours at IFA – not at IFA Global Markets. Please book your guided tour for trade visitors in good time: > HERE

SHIFT Automotives

Where will the journey take us? Get your tickets for the new convention on the future of mobility today!

Shift AUTOMOTIVE – Drafting a roadmap for the future of driving

Can we really trust autonomous cars? Will modern mobility concepts also work in rural areas? The inaugural Shift AUTOMOTIVE convention at IFA will explore the future of mobility.

Innovative developments from the automotive and electronics world are transforming our concept of mobility more rapidly and fundamentally than ever before. With informative keynotes, brief impulse talks, dedicated panel discussions and workshops, Shift AUTOMOTIVE explores in English how the opportunities and risks of mobility disruption can be harnessed and managed.

Leading keynote speakers will present their ideas at the inaugural conference on 4-5 September 2018. Shift AUTOMOTIVE – a collaboration between the Geneva International Motor Show and IFA – will explore how new technologies are changing our way we think, live and drive at the IFA NEXT GRAND THEATER in Hall 26b.

Panel will explore topics such as:

  • Trust me, I’m an autonomous car: How can self-driving cars (re)-gain trust?
  • Integrated mobility: the urban-rural divide
  • Building cars around passengers, not drivers
  • It wasn’t my fault, honest: insuring next-generation vehicles

Among the confirmed speakers and panelists are:

  • John Schoenbeck, BMW Designworks
  • Daniel Deparis, smartLabs, Daimler
  • Karima Delli, European Startup Prize for Mobility
  • Martin Beltrop, Emerging Products, Nokia
  • Prof Peter Wells, Cardiff Centre for Automotive Industry Research
  • Rodney Williams, LISNR
  • Patrick Weissert, German Autolabs
  • Timo Nuehrich, drive by

Shift AUTOMOTIVE will be held twice a year – at the Geneva International Motor Show and IFA in Berlin. Tickets are available > HERE


First-hand visions of the future

Five top international decision-makers have confirmed keynotes for IFA

How will we incorporate artificial intelligence into actual products? How will AI change our everyday lives? What can AI already do today? Five CEOs and top executives of global brands will share their answers – in Hall 26b..

Artificial Intelligence is the hottest topic of the year. All international electronics groups are currently developing products and solutions that harness the potential of AI. IFA Keynotes 2018 provide insights into the latest developments at LG Electronics, Huawei, Microsoft and Amazon.

LG Electronics’ CEO, Jo Seong-Jin, and CTO, Dr. I.P. Park, will kick things off on 31 August at 10:30 a.m. In their keynote, “Think Wise, Be Free: Living Freer with AI,” they will talk about the direction LG is taking with its ThinQ platform for artificial intelligence. Jo Seong-Jin will explain how open platforms, open partnerships and open networking standards have a positive impact on consumers’ lives. Dr. Park will show how this delivers more control and more comfort for consumers.

At 2 p.m. on 31 August, Chengdong (Richard) Yu, Managing Director of the Huawei Consumer Business Group, will explain how his company is positioning itself in this exciting future market.

Also on 31 August, Nick Parker, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Corporation, will report on "New Computing Possibilities –AI, IoT, and Gaming from The Intelligent Edge to the Intelligent Cloud and back.”

Daniel Rausch, Vice President of Smart Home at Amazon, will deliver the closing keynote speech on 1 September at 10:30 a.m. Under the title “Speaking to the Future: How voice is expanding and improving everyday experiences,” he will show how Amazon delivers voice capabilities through Alexa, for which hundreds of thousands of developers and manufacturers design applications and products.

More information about IFA Keynotes: > HERE


Is AI a curse or a blessing, Mr. Kasparov?

IFA⁺ Summit will also offer a spectacular line-up in 2018

Garry Kasparov, Jens Lambrecht, Moon Ribas, Uma Subramanian, Ondrej Vlcek, Wendell Wallach join other leading minds to present and discuss their ideas on the developments of the digital age.

PLUG Inspiration 2024! The IFA+ Summit on 2 and 3 September in the GRAND THEATHER in Hall 26b brings together trendsetters, tech pioneers and scientists – the visionaries of the digital age – to explore the event’s four thematic clusters: Intelligence 2024, Society 2024, Interaction 2024 and Experience 2024.

The best in the business

Former chess world champion Garry Kasparov, is now deeply engaged with artificial intelligence, cyber ethics and human rights issues. In view of the increasing use of AI, the Avast Security Ambassador will explain at IFA+ Summit why ethical standard and privacy protections are a part of this exciting technology.

Cloud and network expert, Jens Lambrecht, shares his findings on robotics, computer vision, interaction and VR/AR – which are also the basis for his start-up company GESTALT Robotics – with IFA+ Summit participants.

Catalan artist and cyborg activist, Moon Ribas, is best known for an online seismic sensor implanted in her feet that allows her to perceive earthquakes anywhere on the planet. At IFA+ Summit she will talk about the extension of human senses through cybernetics.

As CEO of Voom Flights, aerospace expert Uma Subramanian is passionate about urban air mobility and the promise of using the skies to provide affordable relief from urban congestion and traffic today.

Ondrej Vlcek from Czech software specialist Avast architected a cloud-based security network for the newly announced IoT security solutions and led his team to dramatic growth by simply reinventing how we protect people online.

The consultant, ethicist and scholar Wendell Wallach’s latest book is A Dangerous Master: How to keep technology from slipping beyond our control. At IFA+ Summit, he will explain how we can effectively deal with the dangers associated with digitalization.

Tickets and the latest information about IFA+ Summit 2018: > HERE

Buying trends and strategies

Knowledge transfer takes place at Expert Talks @ IFA Global Markets

At STATION Berlin, international CEOs, founders, trend researchers and the buyers who work regularly with retail brands and OEM / ODM manufacturers will come together to discuss the latest buying trends and strategies.

Now in its second year, Expert Talks @ IFA Global Markets offers between 2 and 5 September a forum for buyers to understand common problems, share experiences, and learn about the business from different angles. A number of renowned panelists have already been confirmed.

The experts ready to share their knowledge include:

Professor Dr. Pierre Brunswick brings over 40 years of international experience in business development, sales, marketing, engineering, finance and incubators to Berlin as CEO of NeuroMem in Singapore.

Anouk Groen is a CMF trend forecaster at RnA Design NV in Aix-en-Provence, a design agency that offers consumer product and design trend research as well as concept development and actual scale modeling.

Nils Lenke, Senior Director Innovation Management at Nuance Communications, leads a team that develops disruptive automotive technologies, for example, a voice assistant for the multimodal cockpit of the automotive future.

Paul Melin leads Nokia’s new business as Vice President of Digital Media, focusing on virtual reality and multimedia technologies.

Joshua Montgomery, CEO of Mycroft AI, is a professional founder and one of the very few entrepreneurs in the USA to set up a gigabit fiber optic network from scratch.

Razvan Vasile is Director of VONINO, a fast-growing OEM/ODM manufacturer of TVs, tablet PCs, smartphones, navigation devices, MP3 players and USB hard drives with sales of over US$100 million.

Updates to the program and speakers can be found > HERE

Trade Visitor Ticket

The trade visitor tickets for IFA 2018 are online

Early Bird trade visitor tickets for IFA 2018 available now!

Don´t miss the opportunity to get your trade visitor or IFA+ Summit ticket at a special price now. Visit the IFA Ticket Shop today!

2018 is no different: The early bird catches the worm. Trade visitors who have already decided to come to IFA, can get their Early Bird tickets online at a much lower price than at the door. If you are among the visitors who plan their trip well in advance, you should definitely not miss the opportunity to visit IFA at a special, reduced price – with all the trimmings:

IFA trade visitor ticket: 1 day pre-sales online, just €40.00 instead of €49.00

IFA trade visitor ticket: 2 days pre-sales online, just €58.00 instead of €72.00

The IFA trade visitor ticket gives you everything you need for a comfortable and successful visit to the show:

  • Fast Lane for speedy entrance
  • Entry to IFA Global Markets and Expert Talks
  • Lunch package at IFA Global Markets (limited voucher)
  • Shuttle services
  • IFA Keynotes
  • Guided tours for trade visitors
  • IFA trade show catalogue
  • Free monthly digital subscription to Dealerscope for 1 year (value of 300€)
  • Free WiFi (at the South Entrance Trade Visitor Reception)
  • Trade visitor reception with breakfast:
  • Daily between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. – South and East Entrances
  • Conference and meeting rooms

All you need to know about IFA trade visitor tickets and the online ticket shop: > HERE

North America’s innovative business opportunity

20-21 June 2018 – CE Week in New York City

The countdown has started! From 20-21 June, CE Week will be all about IoT, robotics, smart home, wearables and connected cars – the industries’ key players will all be there!

Packed your suitcase, got your tickets? Then let's get started: The exciting Consumer and Home Electronics retail convention on the East Coast is just around the corner. Even if you haven’t gotten your ticket yet, you can still experience the technologies that will shape the North American market in the future – at CE Week 2018 in New York City.

Welcome to Manhattan

CE Week not only presents innovations – it is one! This year’s move to the Javits K. Convention Center in the heart of Manhattan opens up better exhibition opportunities than ever before. CE Week 2018 will offer unprecedented networking opportunities with manufacturers, developers, startups, top influencers, retailers, buyers, bloggers, distributors and investors.

A wide-ranging program

Don’t miss the Retailer Meetups, CONNECT2CAR by SAE, the Best in Show Ceremony and an exciting conference program! From Connected & Autonomous Cars, Digital Home, Smart Mobility, In-Store Experience, Startup Success, Home Renovation, 5G and the Internet of Things, Mixed Reality, TV Quality to Privacy and Security : Choose the trending topics you would like to know more about.

All information for last-minute visitors: > HERE

Smart Intelligence

Smart devices and AI become a top seller

IFA 2018 in Berlin – A show of digitalization

Something exciting is happening in Consumer and Home Electronics: Technology trends such as voice control and artificial intelligence are increasing the pace of innovation. IFA 2018 will show what direction this success story will take.

Connected devices for the home, artificial intelligence and 8K televisions with outstanding screen quality are among the top technology trends this year. IFA 2018 is a unique platform for these and all other innovations in Consumer and Home Electronics who want to present themselves successfully.

Global order platform No. 1

From 31 August to 5 September, the exhibition grounds under Berlin’s Funkturm will once again be the exclusive showcase for new products and solutions from brand manufacturers. For retailers, IFA has been the No. 1 order platform for many years and is expanding its position further this year.

IFA NEXT to focus on Voice Recognition, AI, Robotics

Emerging Products on Display from German Start-up Association, La French Tech, Hardware Club and Companies from South Korea and Hong Kong.

Be sure to visit IFA NEXT (Hall 26) the global innovation hub that will bring together leading companies, researchers, start-ups and retailers showcasing the latest tech innovations in voice recognition, AI and robotics.The successful concept is being significantly expanded this year.ZVEI will host a house for smart living featuring home appliances, digital media and energy management that react to voice commands.
Amazon and its system partners will showcase audio systems, TVs, dishwashers and lighting systems that respond to instructions and queries to “Alexa“. Robots will have a dedicated area at IFA NEXT including a program that lets young visitors assemble their own robots. Be sure to stop by the IFA NEXT Stage to hear from start-ups showcasing their latest products and services for business profitability and consumer lifestyle!

Premiere in 2018: Shift AUTOMOTIVE

Shift AUTOMOTIVE is the new biannual Convention on the future of mobility. The convention will explore how new automotive technologies are changing our mobility and impacting our lives. The convention is a joint venture of the Geneva International Motor Show, Palexpo, IFA and Messe Berlin, and is taking place for the very first time on 4 and 5 September 2018 – alongside IFA in Berlin. The second edition will follow in Geneva in March 2019. IFA Executive Director Jens Heithecker is already looking forward to the exhibitors, visitors, different segments and conventions: “From our IFA vantage point, we see the key trends across brands, start-ups, inventors, retailers and consumers. And what’s obvious to us is that we are at the tipping point for a dramatic acceleration of innovation, driven by technology megatrends and ever closer co-operation across the whole industry ecosystem. This will kickstart growth, transform our lives and will soon give the term “consumer electronics” a completely new meaning.”

Global Markets

IFA Global Markets

Opportunities in sourcing: The latest sales strategies

Even bigger, even more informative: From 2-5 September 2018, IFA Global Markets, Europe’s largest B2B sourcing platform, boasts a comprehensive range of products, inspiration and insider knowledge.

Suppliers, component manufacturers, OEMs and ODMs meet exclusively with professional customers and partners from the Consumer and Home Electronics industry at IFA Global Markets, IFA’s major B2B trading center for buyers and retailers, at STATION-Berlin.

Manufacturers, importers, distributors and dealers can get up to date with keynotes, matchmaking and business sessions hosted by the Enterprise Europe Network, at the International Suppliers Park ISP @ IFA Global Markets and at the EXPERT TALKS @ IFA Global Markets.

EXPERT TALKS @ IFA Global Markets – Everything buyers need to know today

These talks, in the form of speeches and industry panels will provide insights to buyers, manufacturers, and press who need to understand the latest in buying requirements, new opportunities and challenges.

EXPERT TALKS offers a forum for buyers to understand common problems, share experiences, and learn about the business from different angles - generalists can learn from specialists, distributors can better understand a retailer's perspective, for example.

EXPERT TALKS' different panels will reflect numerous channel segments, much of the European geography, and various product categories. The "on demand solutions & technologies" (such as Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, Voice, AI, Virtual & Mixed Reality-, Smart Home) will be covered as well as traditional consumer and home electronics (TV, Audio, Mobile, Small Kitchen Appliances).

Highlights this year will include a KEYNOTE ADDRESS, a SPECIAL KEYNOTE PANEL and the EXPERTS RECEPTION on Tuesday, September 4th, 2018.

Find the latest information about IFA Global Markets: > HERE

Get your Global Markets Trade Visitor ticket: > HERE

IFA Summergarden

Stars in the IFA Summer Garden – live and open air

Top acts 2018: from James Blunt to Fritz DeutschPoeten

The IFA Summer Garden is one of Berlin’s most beautiful open-air stages. And for IFA, some of the music world’s brightest stars will be performing! From James Blunt to Clueso, crowd pleasers will be taking the stage again in 2018.

James Blunt is sure to be one of the very special highlights of IFA’s concerts under the Funkturm 2018. On 2 September at 6:30 p.m. in the IFA Summer Garden, he will thrill the audience with songs from his latest album The Afterlove together with some of his greatest hits.

The artist had his breakthrough in 2005 with the mega hit, You're Beautiful, and his first album, Back To Bedlam. It came 17th in the best-selling records of the past 60 years and received around 80 platinum awards worldwide. Since then, Blunt has conquered the hearts of his fans not only with his songs, but also with charm and humor. He has sold over 20 million albums and nearly 13 million singles worldwide.

Tickets start at €43.50 plus fees and are available > HERE. The ticket is also valid on 31.08., 01.09. or 02.09.2018 as an IFA day ticket.

The Summer Garden is only open for concerts during IFA. On 30 August, Olli Schulz will be performing with the Viennese band Wanda. The Fritz DeutschPoeten festival will feature Kontra K, Bausa, Megaloh, SDP, Romano, Eunique, Brett and Clueso on 31 August and 1 September.

A unique experience – and only in Berlin!

The U.S Air Forces in Europe Band feat. Till Brönner, presented by radioBerlin, in the IFA Summer Garden

It is a unique musical premiere in the IFA Sommergarten: Till Brönner, Germany’s best known trumpeter meets the U.S. Air Forces In Europe Band, one of the last existing big bands. Together they will present a relaxed mixture of swing evergreens from Glen Miller to Benny Goodman plus the greatest pop hits of all time. On 4 September the IFA Summer Garden will swing in tune with great big band sound of the1940s.

Entrance: 4:00 p.m.; Concert begins: 5:00 p.m.

Tickets available > HERE.

Tickets are also valid for entry to IFA on 4 September

CE China

CE China is just around the corner

Register now as a trade visitor, it´s not too late!

If you want to be successful in the Asian market, be part of CE China: From 3-5 May 2018, Asia’s premier trade show for Consumer & Home Electronics will offer this year again many brands and highlights. Online registration runs until May 2, 2018.

Tech improvements that offer the consumer a seamless environment. Devices that are getting always smaller, thinner and more user-friendly. Global players seeking partners to help them to meet the growing demand of Asian consumers for international brands. Find all of this, and more, at CE China.

Your ticket to the Asian market

In addition to major Chinese brands and trading companies such as Haier, Huawei, Midea and Suning, renowned international brands are also on board. This includes Bosch, which will once again be present with a large exhibition stand.

Another highlight is the world’s thinnest flexible full color display (0.01 mm!) developed by the U.S. high-tech company Royole. Get also ready to discover brands such as Nardi from Italy, the Dutch air purifier manufacturer Clean Air and the innovative small appliances from the Korean brand Printec.

Power briefings, news apps and digital press boxes

The novelty at CE China: IFA Retail University. Companies such as Blaupunkt, CASO Design, Elgato, Fakir and Severin will have the full attention of Chinese retailers during 20-minute power briefings. Seize the opportunity and see how these brands present themselves with this innovative format.

As our media partner, we are proud to have Business Wire, who will be offering digital press boxes to the exhibitors. And last but not least, we are also partnering with Jinri Toutiao (今日头条) – one of the biggest news apps in China. Don´t forget to sign up in time: >HERE

Countdown to CE Week 2018

Premiere: IFA partners with one of the most important industry events in the USA

CE Week from 20-21 June in New York provides impressive insights into innovative trends and technologies in the world of Consumer & Home Electronics. This event is a must for anyone who wants to make new contacts within the industry in North America and is looking for a perfect networking platform via the Retailer Meetups.

For more than a decade, CE Week has been one of the most important industry events in the USA. This year IFA will be on board for the first time as an organizer. In the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, you can meet a huge number of the industry’s key players on the North American market: Trade. Media. Brands. Startups. And all this in the heart of New York.

Take advantage of Retailer Meetups

During the CE Week the Retailer Meetups format offers unique benefits to its participants: Make the most out of pre-arranged meetings and intensive one-on-one sessions with the most important players of the North American market. Take advantage of face-to-face meetings with key retailers and distributors. Get to know the top influencers in the industry and secure the undivided attention of selected consumers directly from your target groups during personal conversations.

Don’t miss the chance to expand your network and build long-term strategic partnerships with companies and investors.
Click here (PDF, 817.3 kB) to find out more about Retailer Meetups.

Stay up to date

How do you generate the best possible attention for your brand? Which innovations will change the market? And how do visitors react to new products? CE week answers all of these questions and offers on top an impressive platform to expand your network: the best opportunities for the best products at the best time in front of the best audience.
Register today for CE Week 2018!

Take advantage of global opportunities

This year, more key target groups will meet at CE Week than ever before: wholesalers and retailers, multipliers and press representatives, investors and analysts, bloggers and techies. In short: everyone who experiences, shapes and impacts the tech developments in the market.

Establish relationships with retailers in North America. Discover the many advantages of large-scale sales in addition to online business. Gain important competitive advantages in an industry that is constantly creating new sensations. Meet consumers who are looking for the latest innovations. Get to know exhibitors as they showcase the newest trends and technologies. Experience fascinating stage presentations, exciting awards ceremonies and networking parties in the heart of New York City.
You will find all information about CE Week, June 20 and 21, 2018: > HERE

Shift Automotive

New at IFA 2018: Shift AUTOMOTIVE

The new partnership for visionary ideas in the field of mobility

The Geneva International Motor Show and IFA are the global leaders in the automotive and the consumer electronics events. From 4-5 September, the two brands are joining forces to hold their first convention in Berlin.

The automotive industry is one that faces serious innovation and possible disruption over the next few years and well into the 21st century. It’s also an industry that’s collided with more areas of consumer electronics than the typical consumer might realize. As such, IFA, the world’s largest consumer and home electronics show, and the Geneva International Motor Show have teamed up—along with Palexpo and Messe Berlin—to launch Shift AUTOMOTIVE, a new biannual convention. Come and experience what happens when two major players of these industries explore the future of driving together.

Full speed ahead into the automotive future

The success or failure of the mobility revolution will depend primarily on whether consumers are ready for these changes. Will new technologies make driving more complex, or less? What happens when drivers become no more than passengers? Do drivers and passengers see transport disruption as a threat or an opportunity? Shift AUTOMOTIVE will show how the new technologies are changing the way we think, live and drive, for the better.

Experience first-hand the combined power of consumer electronics and the automotive industry. This new automotive convention will be held twice a year. The first dates: September 4 and 5, 2018 in Berlin and March 2019 in Geneva.

IFA Summit+

The future is coming to Berlin.

PLUG-INspiration 2024

IFA+ Summit, the conference part of the IFA, will be taking place from 2-3 September 2018. Around this year´s slogan – PLUG-Inspiration - more than 50 interdisciplinary speakers will be sharing their thoughts on our connected future. Get your Early Bird ticket now!

The industry’s leading minds, international trendsetters and creative thinkers will be presenting ideas and visions on the future of new, high-tech forms of connectivity and innovative business models to the guests of the convention.

Thematic clusters at IFA+ Summit 2018

The event is articulated around four clusters that focus on future digital trends: Intelligence 2024 – what impact will artificial intelligence and smart technologies have on our future? Society 2024 – how is digitalization changing our society? Interaction 2024 – how are interactions between humans, but also between humans and machines evolving? Experience 2024 – how are new technologies impacting our usage behavior?

Early Bird tickets are available now!

Spend two inspiring days at IFA+ Summit 2018 and learn more about future technologies and new forms of digital connectivity. Get a chance to discuss with scientists, artists, developers, researchers and digital pioneers. For more about IFA+ Summit 2018 and the Early Bird tickets, visit:


IFA at the movies

IFA’s visionary event for film industry professionals at the Berlinale 2018

What opportunities and risks does digitalization have in store for the film industry? The Industry Debates at the EFM HORIZON during the Berlinale film festival explored the issues facing the movers and shakers, the media and the film industry.

Filmmakers, producers, technicians and financiers face a host of new challenges. From 16-18 February, EFM HORIZON at the European Film Market in the Berliner Freiheit event location at Potsdamer Platz hosted discussions on the digital transformation of the film industry from a professional perspective. The EFM Industry Debates focused on the financial and social consequences – presented by IFA.

What works – and where?

What do audiences want to see in 2018, and what channels will they be using? What impact do digital platforms have on filmmaking and marketing? Why are companies better off with a diversity strategy? And what lucrative business models can be developed with Virtual Reality? Throughout the EFM Industry Debates, developers, technicians, journalists and consultants shared their visions of where the industry is heading.
IFA is proud to contribute its support to their innovative ideas.

CE China

Register for CE China today!

China’s most efficient CE retail trade show is just around the corner – 3-5 May 2018

CE China in Shenzhen connects global brands and Chinese retail giants in the world’s largest market. And you can register now.

In May, the consumer electronics industry will come together in Shenzhen: CE China at the Convention & Exhibition Center in Shenzhen is well on its way to becoming the most important Asian retail platform for international brands. Anyone who wants to successfully place their products in this huge market can’t miss CE China from 3-5 May 2018. Simply register: > HERE

Key brands are already on board

Chinese brands, such as Haier, Huawei and Midea will be joining European companies, including CASO Design (Germany), Clean Air (Netherlands), Fakir (Germany), GYPI (Belgium), LIFA Air (Finland) and Richmond & Finch (Sweden), and China’s largest retailers, Suning, Tmall/Alibaba and as official partners of CE China 2018.

New – IFA Retail University

Don't miss the premiere of IFA Retail University! This innovative format offers international brands the opportunity to present themselves to Chinese retailers in compact, 20-minute briefings. The Chinese retail sector wants to satisfy growing demand from the Chinese middle class for international branded products, which means that the IFA Retail University is an ideal opportunity to garner maximum attention. Beurer, CASO Design, Fakir, Huawei and Severin have already confirmed their participation. How about you?

CE Week

CE Week powered by IFA

New shape for a well-known conference and event in New York with an exciting line-up

CE Week has been one of the most important networking events in the USA for CE retailers and industry partners. From 20-21 June 2018, IFA will be on board for the first time as a partner and an organizer – at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City.

Designed for the consumer electronics and appliance industry leaders, CE Week is where industry professionals gather to check out the latest products and services and examine the trends that are driving today's new, innovative technologies.

Accelerate the Growth of Your Business

For over 10 years, technology companies seeking accelerated growth and increased sales in the ever-evolving consumer technology industry have come to New York City in the middle of the year to be part of CE Week. Buyers are getting ready to start placing orders and preparing for the holiday and back-to-school seasons, so it's the perfect time of the year to showcase your products and services.

This year, CE Week is bringing together even larger segments of the industry - from retailers, distributors, and entrepreneurs, to powerful media, key influencers, and passionate tech enthusiasts. Optimize your brand's exposure in front of all of the audiences you need to succeed in the second half of 2018.

Register Now for the must-attend consumer tech event of the Summer
Meeting place for buyers, dealers, wholesalers and the media

Occurring at the Javits K. Convention Center on June 20-21, 2018, CE Week is merging innovation, passion, and the latest in emerging technology to bring you unique networking opportunities and the most up-to-date industry content. Attendees include industry professionals such as press, trade affiliates, buyers, bloggers, investors, educators, and other qualified market influencers.

Join your colleagues to check out the latest products and services and examine the trends that are driving today's new, innovative technologies. The event covers an extensive array of topics such as 3D Printing, AR & VR, Audio, Connected Car, Drones, Gaming, Smart Home and more. Don't miss the opportunity to hear from the leaders and change-makers in the fast moving world of consumer technology - register below!
Find everything you need to know about the new CE Week, 20-21 June 2018: > HERE

UX Design Awards 2018

Who can offer the best user experience?

The clock is ticking on applications for the UX Design Awards 2018

Connected product and service worlds need to create a positive user experience in every detail. Whoever is most adept at mastering this task has the best chance of winning one of the UX Design Awards at IFA!

Start-ups, companies, agencies, and consortia of companies, research institutes and academic institutions worldwide can now apply to participate in the UX Design Awards 2018. This unique competition highlights the USPs of innovative products and services in the global marketplace. All entries nominated by the jury will be presented in an exhibition at IFA from 31 August - 5 September.

Submission deadline: 31 March 2018

This competition knows no industry boundaries: Product solutions and concepts from all application areas are welcome. What’s important is that they have found a new approach to user experience, have solved a problem particularly well, or have found a new path to that goal. Market-ready or already marketed products, services, physical and virtual environments, technological product studies, product or service prototypes and research projects may be submitted. Submissions must be received by 31 March 2018.

Exceptional marketing benefits

The UX Design Award is an excellent way to boost sales. After all, only a strictly limited number of prize winners are honored every year. And thanks to the prominent jury of experts, the awards have enjoyed a consistently high reputation for many years. Award winners receive premium trophies and benefit from extensive logo packages and jury statements for their communication measures. The exhibition of the nominated works and the award ceremony at IFA enhances international communication and visibility. In other words: join in!

Find out more about participating and the competition: > HERE