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mozaiq operations gmbH

mozaiq operations gmbH

mozaiq unites the power of the cloud, so companies can create new commercial offerings by combining services, data and connected devices.

On the mozaiq Marketplace, companies can partner their devices, services, or data with another company's, with minimal effort or investment. mozaiq works behind the scenes to ensure all companies’ products work happily together in the cloud, giving every business total freedom to create and launch their next brilliant idea.

Our simple drag-and-drop tools make it easy for anyone to start making new connections, with little technical experience required. Within minutes, companies can connect their offering to other product and services of other brands, allowing them to offer more to their existing customers as well as gaining exposure to a whole new customer base. It’s the simplest way to create huge opportunities for your business. Best yet, participation is free of charge, with the ability to earn revenue as your business connects with others on a pay as you grow basis.

With mozaiq, device manufacturers, service companies, and data suppliers can bring their products to larger markets at a faster pace, with lower development efforts and costs than ever before. They can reach their customers in more authentic ways, and create meaningful connections with new customers around the world.

mozaiq was founded by international shareholders ABB, Bosch and Cisco. The company is headquartered in Munich, Germany. Currently, mozaiq has about 20 employees