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IFA NEXT Startup Days

Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc.

Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc.

We touch smart phones to receive visual and audio information from Internet in our daily lives. Computers are becoming commonplace more and more as IoT is getting promoted. In such a world, the relationship between humans and computers should be optimized under the vision of Digital Nature, where “people live in an environment designed by computers” rather than “people use computers.” Based our unique Hagen technology (wave control technology), Pixie Dust Technologies is promoting research and development to solve social issues arising in aging work sites and outdoor work environment. We aim to develop computer technology that blends in with our daily lives. We will realize a virtuous circle of social implementation of academic knowledge while expanding cooperation with academia and listening to social issues.

The product presented here is a speaker that deliver sound to a target person by controlling ultrasonic waves. The audible sound sources are generated in air by high-amplitude ultrasound modulated by audible sound. This technology avoids fusion of sound environments directed for different persons and solves various social issues in public spaces. For example, visually impaired persons can receive audio information according to situations without annoying the other people. In another use case, the people from various countries can receive the translated voices in their mother tongues in a meeting room and a theater.