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IFA NEXT Startup Days

Toppan Printing Co.,Ltd

Toppan Printing Co.,Ltd

The Toppan Group has grown beyond its traditional printing business and now offers a broad range of products and services with printing technologies at their core in the Information & Communication, Living & Industry, and Electronics segments. We "Information & Communication" provides a total solution for solving the problems of customers' business activities, from strategy planning to content planning, manufacturing and infrastructure construction. Furthermore, we constitute a framework of high-definition VR (Visual Reality), which was developed as a representation method for digital archive data.

This product communicates with people in remote areas using highly realistic VR in a traditional Japanese culture "Matsuri" (Festival) in accordance with the coming 5G society. We detect movement of person (teachers) of remote place and convert it into data.The data is transmitted together with the space of "Japan" reproduced by high definition VR, and it is displayed as a space and avatar that reproduces a highly realistic Japan on a display in front of you (students).You (students) are also avatared, so you can dance to the movements of remote people (teachers). When the 5G society comes, by transmitting data without delay in high definition and immersive content unique to 4KVR, you will be able to understand Japanese culture as if you were in Japan anywhere in the world.