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IFA NEXT Startup Days



DFree : The first toilet timing predicting device

DFree helps people by notifying when they will need to go to the bathroom. The device uses ultrasonic sensors to monitor the change in bladder size and analyzes data collected using a patented algorithm. The notification is sent to a smartphone or tablet used by the patient, families or caregivers. Users can avoid accidents and regain a sense of control and freedom over their lives.

The world is becoming old and finds many new problems related to aging. We found a problem which is most primitive but not be looked in so much. It is incontinence. Even though more than 50% of elderly people have some problems in excretion, there is not many solutions but wearing diaper. Our toilet timing predicting wearable device, DFree, solves the problem and support people to live their life as long as possible. Our device has been used by over 2,000 people and over 200 nursing in Japan, Europe and US. We got demand to use from more than 60 countries.