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IFA NEXT Startup Days

SkyDrive Inc.

SkyDrive Inc.

SkyDrive Inc. is established by a volunteer group CARTIVATOR to contribute to the future air mobility society by commercializing “Flying cars”.

*CARTIVATOR is a volunteer group developing “Flying cars” from 2012. SkyDrive and CARTIVATOR are co-developing “Flying cars” now.The number of CARTIVATOR’s sponsors and collaborating companies is over 80.

The milestones are demo flight in 2020, sales release in 2023 and mass production launch in 2026. In 2018, the vehicle acquired the JX number as the first "flying car" prototype aircraft in Japan, and we opened a 10,000 square meter flight test center. We proceed to development with outdoor and indoor flight testing repeatedly.


・Flying Car: The smallest mobility that can be moved by door to door.

e-VTOL/Car equivalent compact size/You can not only fly but also run on the ground

・Heavy Lift Drone: Drone that can hold heavy goods. (payload: over 30kg)

e-VTOL/Payload 40kg 80kg/Safety and reliability by using knowledge of flying cars development