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IFA NEXT Startup Days

NeU Corporation

NeU Corporation

NeU: changing the world by “KNOWING” people better.

With more than 20 years of legacy, NeU was founded in 2017 as a Brain Science company by fusing the “cognitive brain science discoveries” of Tohoku University with the “portable brain measurement technologies” of Hitachi High Technologies Corporation. Over the course of many years dedicated to R&D, we have developed an impressive line-up of compact and wearable optical topography devices using NIRS technology to measure brain activity through cerebral blood flow volume changes in a more user-friendly environment.

Our latest innovation, the XB-01, is the world’s smallest and lightest ultra-compact brain activity measuring device. With a weight of only 30 grams, including battery, and an overall dimension of 80 X 40 X 13 mm, combined with Bluetooth capabilities to transfer data to smartphones or tablets, the XB-01 provides a state-of-the-art “neuro-feedback solution” that can be used for brain training while visualizing brain activity in real-time by ANYONE, ANYTIME and ANYWHERE in today’s global aging society.

NeU believes that by “knowing” people better through understanding the state of one’s “brain”, we can provide an effective and efficient way for all individuals to maintain their mental health and improve overall cognitive function, extending healthy life expectancies to ultimately improve everyone’s quality of life and build societies that actively engages with the world around them.

Visit us as to find out which of our products and services will suit your needs.