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Access, Construction & Dismantling, Stand Construction

Access, Construction & Dismantling

IFA 2023

Information regarding construction and dismantling

We reserve the right to alterations.
Therefore, please take note of subsequent information.

It is important that packages delivered by post or courier are labelled as follows. Please give the name of a contact person who will be available on site to accept the package.
The Messe Berlin mailroom is not authorized to accept exhibitor mail.

Exhibitor/Company + Hall + Stand
c/o Exhibition grounds of Messe Berlin GmbH/IFA 2022
Contact person + mobile phone number
Messedamm 22
14055 Berlin

During the construction and dismantling periods, the construction and dismantling passes must be worn visibly.

The construction and dismantling passes are free of charge and must be ordered and personalized via BECO under Tickets and Parking -> Construction and Dismantling Passes. They will no longer be issued on site.

Exhibitor passes allow access to the exhibition halls and the outdoor exhibition area from 22 Augudt until 10 September 2022 between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. To facilitate admission controls, please wear your exhibitor passes visibly. When entering and leaving the exhibition grounds, it is necessary to have your exhibitor passes scanned by our admission personnel.

At the counters in the entrance area, you can have your names printed on the badges and receive free visual covers, clips and lanyards.

Each exhibitor is entitled to free exhibitor passes in the following number:

  • Stands up to 20 m² - 3 pieces
  • for each additional 10 m² or part thereof - 1 piece (except multi story constructions)

Additionally required exhibitor passes are subject to a fee and can be ordered in the BECO online store.

Further information on exhibitor passes can be found in the Conditions of Participation of the IFA stand registration (PDF, 7.4 MB).

Entrances during construction :

From 22 August 2022: Entrance Hall 7, Entrance Hall 21, CityCube Ost/Messedamm, Gate 9, Gate 25

From 29 August 2022: Additional Entrance Messe Süd and Entrance hub27.

Exhibitor passes are also valid during construction and dismantling.

You can find all information about the traffic guide here.

For IFA 2022, delivery/collection for construction and dismantling on the grounds of Messe Berlin is only possible with registration and booking of a loading zone. An entry against deposit is NO LONGER POSSIBLE!

You can find all necessary information here: Traffic Guide IFA 2022

Exhibitors and/or their suppliers and stand builders who wish to use the freight forwarding services offered by Messe Berlin (e.g. loading/unloading using forklift trucks) can book this at the BECO webshop.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our service provider directly:

Schenker Deutschland AG
Servicegebäude Süd/Einfahrt Tor 25
Jafféstrasse 2
14055 Berlin

Tel.: +49 30 301 2995 420

General hall supervision, insofar as this serves event purposes, will be provided by Messe Berlin four days prior to opening until 12 hours after the end of the event. However, supervision of the stand is the exclusive responsibility of the exhibitor.

You should provide a stand guard to secure your stand and your exhibits on the outdoor exhibition area, irrespective of the general supervision, as the hall supervision does not accept any liability in the event of damage. In this connection, we would like to point out that valuable items should be secured, especially during the construction and dismantling phases.

You can order a stand guard in the BECO Webshop. In accordance with the Technical Guidelines (PDF, 407.6 kB), Item 2.5 "Security", stand guards may only be provided by the security company commissioned by Messe Berlin.

The hall inspectors are available to answer your questions. Please find the telephone numbers for the corresponding hall in the hall inspector plan (PDF, 162.0 kB).

You can find the technical data of the halls here.

Please note the technical guidelines Messe Berlin (PDF, 407.6 kB) as well as the additional guidelines of IFA (PDF, 141.3 kB).

All informationen regarding catering services during setting up & dismantling you can find here (PDF, 903.2 kB).

Parking spaces P14, P17 and P18 are available for 10 €/day from 22 August, 2022 - 01 September, 2022 as well as the multi-storey parking lot ICC Berlin from 31 August, 2022 - 01 September 2022, and from 07 September - 10 September, 2022. During the IFA other rules apply, these can be found under General Information.