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Qualcomm Incorporated
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Schneider Electric
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Economist and former Greek Minister of Finance

IFA+ Summit

Director of the ifo Center for International Economics

IFA+ Summit

Member of the German Bundestag, former German Federal Minister for Environment

IFA+ Summit

Miele Group
Executive Director

IFA+ Summit

IFA Sommergarten

IFA Oktoberfest 2022

NEW! Location "IFA Sommergarten" (east side Sommergarten, near Hall 10).

From 2 September 2022 to 6 September 2022, daily from 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Contact for reservations:

Markus Ehrlich Jazz Trio

Berlin Feeling with Markus Ehrlich Jazz Trio

On 2 September, as well as on 5 und 6 September 2022, from 1 to 5 p.m. each day

Markus Ehrlich

Ich & Herr Meyer

Saturday, 3 September 2022 at 3 p.m.

Ich & Herr Meyer - the somewhat different children's music...

Me and Mr. Who? ICH & HERR MEYER are one of the hottest children's musicians in Germany at the moment. Their hits "Alles ist Drin!", "OFFline" or "ViVaWasser" have long been mixing up Germany's children's music scene. 2021 ICH & HERR MEYER published a duet with the great singer MIEZE KATZ (MIA) with the title "HÄNDE UNTER WASSER". The two musicians from Berlin are an absolute live experience with their colorful show program and are always motivated to the non-existent hair tips. They present a program for the whole family, in which they master the balancing act between the mostly different age groups with ease, so that really every listener gets his money's worth! In their songs ICH & HERR MEYER they mix various styles of modern pop music of the 80s, rap or reggae beats up to singer/songwriter! Their concerts offer a lot of space for dancing and singing together, but also for the quieter sounds and topics.Their repertoire offers socially critical songs that promote a sustainable future, as well as space for the classic dancefloor hit.


Family pop Anton is little brother, big brother, dad and musician. He has songs for people who are too big for classic children's songs, but are still a few years away from the topics of a teenager in the final stages of puberty. Anton, a little Berlin snout sings on poppy, modern beats about everyday situations in families, tricky decisions and beautiful moments. With music to smile, celebrate and think about for the occupants of the front and back seats in the family carriage, Anton invents a new genre: FAMILY POP. On his debut album "ertappt" Anton tells of mistakes that happen, dreams for the future that everyone is allowed to have and that everyone has a right to his own head and his own thoughts.

Patricia Parisi (moderator)

The Milchsalon has been - since 2011 - a refreshingly different concert series that encourages children to make music, dance and freak out. Above all, this means that the content of the music is relevant to the interests of a child today, but also that it is fun - without being silly!
Patricia Parisi has made it her mission to bring these pearls to the people. She pursues this mission out of her passion for good music and the aspiration to give her own and many other children a sense of what "well-made" music feels like. And this in a place where children (and parents) should feel equally comfortable. In keeping with this inspiration, the "Milchsalon" presents only high-quality produced and sophisticated music.

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Ich & Herr Meyer